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‘Nail the Number’ Final Week! Someone Will Win!!

by Steeldad

This week is the FINAL WEEK for ‘Nail the Number.’ Everything is as usual with one exception!! 

If no one nails the number this week we will give $1,000 to the person who comes closest (without going over) to the total combined yards of the two teams. If a tie exists, that $1,000 will split accordingly. One way or another, someone is winning some money this week!!

ENTRIES DUE ON Saturday AT 8PM EASTERN!!!! And don’t forget this week includes the ‘Rival Escalator!’ See below for details.

 We are now up to $2,400 as we head into week 15 of the NFL Season as our Steelers battle the Ravens. Remember! All entries due by 8pm Eastern Saturday night.

  1. You must correctly guess the exact number of combined yards by the Ravens and Steelers AND
  2. You must correctly guess the total number of touchdown passes by Ben Roethlisberger. 

You must tweet your guesses using #nailthenumber and tweet @Nailthenumber1 and @SCBlitz. All entries are due this week by no later than 8pm Eastern Saturday night.

For the holidays, we are adding an extra prize!! We will throw in a Pittsburgh Steelers’ backpack signed by Le’Veon Bell and Cam Heyward if you win!!!  The Backpack and rival escalator will only be awarded if someone nails the number. 

Here’s what you need to do:

-Starting with week one of the NFL season we will ask you to #nailthenumber on two different facets of the Steelers’ game. It could be the number of catches by Antonio Brown and the amount of yards Ben Roethlisberger throws for or it could be the number of touchdown runs by Le’Veon Bell and the number of sacks by the defense. Each it week it will be two different things.

-IMPORTANT! When entering you must tweet your guess using the hashtag #nailthenumber  and tweet to @nailthenumber1. Direct Messages will not be accepted.

Your entry must be in by 8pm EST the night before the game. Entries received after that will not be accepted.

-Winner will receive $2,400. If multiple winners in one week, the pot splits accordingly. If there is no winner the pot will increase by $100 per week until a winner.

-Also, if there is just one winner, two tickets to a regular season home game will be offered (if particular schedules align). If, by horrible circumstance, a Non-Steelers’ fan wins, we will attempt to get the winner tickets to the game of their choosing. Again, this is based strictly on availability.

-Winner will also be invited to share their game experience (should they be able to attend) right here on Steel City Blitz in our “Voice of the Fan” column.

But wait…. There’s more!!! It the “Rival Escalator!”

If you should happen to be the only winner during the week when the Steelers are playing the Bengals or Ravens, we will throw in two tickets to the Steelers’ first playoff game (if they qualify).

Lastly, if you are a multiple time winner, we will even throw in another $500 on top of what you’ve already won!!

You will be notified of your victory through Twitter and then all arrangements will be made through us privately.

Those associated with SCB are not allowed to participate.

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