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Our Voice of the Fan Returns to Vent on the Steelers

by Steeldad

You reap what you sow…

The Pittsburgh Steelers franchise has finally reached its denouement. Underachievement and failure is FINALLY having it’s effect. It has been a failure in all facets, from ownership, to the front office, coaching and the players.  There is no shortage of culpability to go around.

Ownership has overseen a steady decline in talent, results and shameful player conduct while maintaining its silence. Even the Mara’s spoke out on Odell Beckham, Jr. when he had crossed a line.  Art Rooney II (ARII) has shown the lack of a backbone to even address the state of the team to its loyal fanbase.

Kevin Colbert’s lack of vision or inability to adjust to the new NFL has the Steelers operating as if it’s 1985.  We haven’t traded up in a draft for a defensive player since Troy Polamalu and have had some horrific reaches in the 1st round, while foregoing the true needs of the team.  The paucity to sign any meaningful free agents is abhorrent. It has left the team in a dilapidated state, with a HOF QB with not much time left on his game clock.  Now we are going to sign Ben Roethlisberger to a 3-4-year extension. So glad Colbert felt the need to waste a pick on Rudolph. Another fine example of personnel mismanagement.

Mike Tomlin has allowed an environment of ‘tantrum town’ to fester. He attempted to address it week 17 of a failed season after the horse had left the barn.  His in-game and clock management is lacking and he hasn’t won a challenge in 2 years, but there is a much bigger corollary. When the challenging times roll around, this team does not solidify. It liquifies. His leadership, or more specifically, his style, isn’t translating. Mike Tomlin may be a good coach, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s the RIGHT coach for this team at this juncture.

The players. From Ben to Antonio Brown and from Cam Heyward to  Maurkice Pouncey….  What AB did was inexcusable.  Hate your coach, hate your QB, respect your job and your other teammates. The story of “he left because the others weren’t working hard enough”. Wonderful, so you exemplify hard work by going AWOL. He is the best WR I have seen play other than Jerry Rice. The melancholic transformation from a smiling, jovial, beating the odds young man into the self-serving, selfish, angry man he has become is disenchanting. Ben for all his on-field success, has never come across as 100% genuine as he genuflects before the public. Is there blame on various individuals for this end of season disaster, sure, but as far as AB, you can be right in your argument, but you still show up to work.  The top 10 WR contracts in the NFL have a value of $716 million. ZERO of those top 10 have won a title. The only titles where you need superstars to win are those of the fantasy variety.  Do you trade AB? Few know the real story of what happened, I imagine one day it will come to light.  The world will not end if AB is dealt. THIS TEAM HAS WON NOTHING with this group. The fear this fan base, and management has, to blow it up and move on is plaintive and sad.

This team needs a reboot. New energy, new approaches, new talent. Why fans are clamoring for more of the same just shows their complacency with failure. The fan base has become red carpet gawkers. The glam of stars, not the grit of winners.  At least we have another non-losing season. Grip that blanket tight at night, for that’s your holy grail… and shred your resume.

Written by @EyeoftheStormZ

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Ed Haller January 8, 2019 - 10:28 am

I couldn’t agree more. Why do we see Dobbs as the #2?? If we drafted Rudolph to be the heir apparent to Ben, why was he inactive for every game this season?? Are they doing anything to bring along Rudolph, or is he just a scout team QB?!?! Dupree has improved, but enough that we picked him that early??

We just don’t have that gritty, ram the football down your throat mentality that Pittsburgh once had. Teams are no longer scared to play in Pittsburgh.

Serious restructuring needs to happen. I have no problem firing the coaching staff and rebuilding. Hell, promote Mike Munchak to HC, and Fire the rest.

Playing down to the level of the lesser performing teams, is ridiculous.

Tomlin: “The standard is the standard”, well, your standard is garbage.

We are a spoiled fan base, but we are also passionate. There is no way with all the talent we’ve had, that we shouldn’t have won more Super Bowls. This is strictly a game management, and wrong mentality issue with Tomlin, Colbert, and Ownership.

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