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A Steelers’ Fan With a Christmas Day Gripe

by Brianlowry

This weekend is one most Pittsburgh Steelers’ fans should be looking forward to watching them. Playing the Baltimore Ravens for a chance at the AFC North crown. Snap the win streak that the Ravens have had against the Steelers and possibly even knock the Ravens out of the playoffs.

Despite these reasons, some fans are not going to be excited about this game. Not because they fear that the Ravens will win. They are not looking forward to the game simply because they won’t be able to see the game.

The game is on Christmas Day when some people will be with family and might not have a chance to watch the game. Others simply don’t have the NFL Network which is the only channel showing the game.

If you are local, then you should be able to watch it on a local affiliate as well as NFL Network. If you are out of town you will not fare so well. I don’t even think you are able to stream the game straight from NFL Network.

The NFL and media outlets have gushed about how great this rivalry is. They have praised the schedule maker over the week the match-up is taking place. Don’t count me among one of those people.

I have not heard any player on any side talking about how they aren’t happy about spending a good portion away from family. I have never felt sorry for the Ravens’ players until now. The only thing I can say is that at least they don’t need to fly home from Oakland.

This weekend has so many great games and division showdowns; it really stinks to have a game played on Christmas Day on the NFL Network only. Even their Thursday games were also shown on different networks simultaneously.

I will be cheering on my team on Christmas Day even if I am not able to watch the game. How is this different than Thanksgiving to me?

It is different because the games on Thanksgiving were on channels the majority of people have.

I live in Chicago and was looking forward to going to Indianapolis for that game. Since it was on Thanksgiving, I decided that I should spend it with the family. I am sure others had the tough choice this weekend at Heinz Field.

This is where I ask for one Christmas gift from every Steeler fan going to the game. Cheer loud and hard for the team. Don’t just cheer them because of the Steelers’ jersey they are sporting. Cheer them as loud and hard as you can because they are giving up time with their families to entertain us while we spend the time with our families.

When they are on offense, be silent as a mouse. When they are on defense, make such a clatter that the Ravens offense will jump offside to see what is the matter.

Make up for those fans that can’t be there or see the game. Hopefully when the game is over we will all have a good night.

Happy Holidays!!

Photo credited to NFLShop.com

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bob graff December 24, 2016 - 2:01 am

Merry Christmas to all, GO STEELERS!!!!

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