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SCB Steelers’ Quick Hitters: The “Blew It? Not Exactly” Edition

by Steeldad
Cam Heyward

Good Monday to you Steelers’ Fans! Hope you’ve recovered from St. Patty’s Day Weekend.

I understand that many of you are upset the Steelers didn’t do more to sign Tyrann Mathieu. He was released by the Cardinals who were set to pay him $19 million over the next two years. Mathieu of course raised eyebrows by signing with Houston for one year at $7 million. The standard Steelers’ fan reaction was “The Steelers Blew It!!!” The Post-Gazette’s Ron Cook clearly believes this as well but he actually points out in his own article as to why Kevin Colbert didn’t pursue Mathieu. “He accepted the one year deal in order to prove he’s all the way back from three serious injuries.” So Cook wants the Steelers to pay a minimum of seven million for a guy with three serious injuries? This would also strap the Steelers to the point where they wouldn’t be able to sign any other free agents unless they pulled Le’Veon Bell’s tag making him a free agent. I’m pretty sure that isn’t going to happen. The suggestion I’ve seen from so many comparing Mathieu to Troy Polamalu is a stretch. Would he have been an upgrade? Absolutely he would have but I’m going to trust the Steelers on this one. If the season proves to be lost based upon the lack of a big play safety then maybe we can say “they blew it.” Until then, I’m not losing sleep over it.

Here’s my take on the signing of linebacker Jon Bostic.

I’m not buying the hype of Oklahoma State Quarterback Mason Rudolph being in the Steelers’ Draft plans. He’s a classic, dropback style passer who gets everything out of his 6’5″ frame but there are too many question marks. He doesn’t throw on the run well and the overall timing of his throws concerns me too. If he falls into the fourth round I can see a discussion about drafting him but I’m on board that this draft should not involve a QB regardless of who it is.

The Steelers also entertained former Patriot Matthew Slater this weekend. Slater is a special teams’ guru by trade but is listed as a “wide receiver.” Interesting because he has one career reception.

Tweet of the Day… I guess we know what Le’Veon will be doing Draft Weekend.

I wonder…. How many people tweet wonderful superlatives to Bell about his music just to get “favorites” and “retweets” when in fact they do even listen to him?

If I’m a Colts’ fan I love that trade with the Jets. If you aren’t in love with anyone in that spot then trade out and get more picks. It’s not rocket science by any stretch but I like the trade.

Will the Steelers trade up in the first round? Never say never but without their full compliment of picks this year it becomes less likely. Unless of course you get into future picks… There is precedent of course with Troy Polamalu and Santonio Holmes.

I’m not sure what the Steelers’ secondary is going to look like in 2018 but I get the feeling it is going to be VERY different from what we’ve seen in recent seasons. Coach Bradley being new is one thing but with changes and new additions will also come variations in how the unit plays.

Have a great day Steeler Nation!


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