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SCB Steelers’ Quick Hitters: The “Crime and Punishment” Edition

by Steeldad
Steelers Sean Davis

Happy Hump Day Steelers’ Fans!

Just when you thought the National Football League had this whole “player discipline” thing figured out they go and make a mockery of it. Let’s examine… Tampa Bay’s Mike Evans gets suspended for one game for his AFTER the whistle spearing in the back of an unsuspecting player. Rob Gronkowski gets suspended one game for essentially doing the same thing (AFTER the whistle) except his attack on Tre’Davious White was totally unprovoked whereas you could argue Evans was at the very least defending a teammate in his mind. Then we have Julio Jones (see below) who crack blocks a Vikings’ defender in the same manner that JuJu Smith-Schuster hit Vontaze Burfict. Jones was not suspended however, but as we know, JuJu has been. The only difference between Jones’ hit and the hit by JuJu is that one guy got up and the other didn’t. That should not matter. It’s either an illegal block or it isn’t. You can’t base punishment based on whether the player is injured or not. I guarantee you Burfict will play this week too.  In other words, the punishments are not fitting the crimes.

Since I’m ranting a bit let me continue… Some of the guessing, theorizing and “gut-based” conjecture surrounding the future of Ryan Shazier is disgusting. I’ve already seen people tweeting “he’s out for the year.” Ya know what? Maybe he is but until we hear it from the people that matter, the rest of us should shut up. This is a young man with a child and a fiance who right now is most concerned about whether he’s going to be able to walk again let alone play football.

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Tweet of the Day… Words not necessary.

The Steelers brought back a familiar face to help out with the lack of depth at inside linebacker. Sean Spence was signed yesterday and while he won’t know the defense quite as well the reserves, the terminology should be similar and he should be up to speed quickly. Make no mistake, I’m glad to see this young man still playing after that devastating injury his rookie season in Pittsburgh.

Cam Sutton’s presence definitely made a difference in the second half Monday night but he was not the next Rod Woodson either. This was his very first game action and one of the things the Steelers like about him is his football smarts. I expect some significant ups and downs for him but the fact that Keith Butler and Mike Tomlin went to him speaks volumes about him and probably Coty Sensabaugh too.

Have a great day Steeler Nation!


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