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SCB Steelers’ Quick Hitters: The “Pick Your Game” Edition

by Steeldad
SCB Steelers Quick Hitters

Good Thursday to you Steelers’ Fans!

Tonight the National Football League releases the schedule for our Steelers and those 31 other teams. We already know the opponents but now, if you’re fortunate enough, comes the time where you start deciding which game you’re going to! For some, every time the black and gold take to the Heinz Field turf,  they’ll be in the stands. For others, it’s a first ever trip. One way or another, for many, tonight is the night to start planning.

If I’ve learned anything from the response to my Antonio Brown article it’s that people have a wider range of opinions than I could have imagined. I also learned that the site doesn’t have enough Facebook followers to have opinions… I should not have written an article on the same day as Mr. Rooney’s funeral… And I should leave the man’s personal life alone because that’s how he wants it! I guess I’m supposed to ignore AB’s plethora of social media posts on things that have little to do with football. Let’s just leave it at that before I say anything further.


Join us for the Steel City Blitz Podcast tonight at 10pm Easter on spreaker.com. We’ll be joined by Bills’ Mafia co-founder and 26shirts.com creator Del Reid and then we welcome rising draft prospect Javancy Jones of Jackson State.

Tweet of the Day… Birthday wishes from DaBeard.

OK so if you asked me to wager on how the Steelers draft in the first and second rounds of this draft I’d probably say “thanks, but no thanks.” Seems odd considering so many believe the Steelers will go EDGE/CB or CB/EDGE to start. I’m really starting to think the Steelers may not stick to that line of thinking. At pick 30, there is so much that can go on ahead of you that making an accurate prediction is futile. The Steelers are notorious for going ‘best player available’ and there is likely to be someone available who might not necessarily be at a position of need. Therefore, I’m not touching that wager.

Check out Cnic’s Mock Draft version 4. Chock full of insight and other good info!

I think the jockeying for position in the top ten of this draft will be fascinating. There could be as many as five to seven teams looking to position themselves to take Mitch Trubisky. The Browns and Jets could be the most active.

The alleged suicide of Aaron Hernandez is nothing to laugh at. While I’m glad the people of Massachusetts won’t have to pay for his incarceration any longer, I think there’s more to this story than many of us will ever know.


Have a great day Steeler Nation!


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