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SCB Steelers’ Quick Hitters: The “Meeting of the Minds” Edition

by Steeldad
Terrible Towel

Good Tuesday to you Steelers’ Fans!

The NFL’s Spring Owners’ Meeting is well underway and today the “Minds That Matter” will be taking up the issue of several rules proposals which I’ll detail later. This isn’t just a meeting of the old, stuffy white guys though either. It’s also attended by General Managers and Head Coaches. Relationships are often strengthened here and deals are often made that we may not know of until some time later. Being that this is the first real get-together of the new NFL year, there will be lots to discuss but more may actually get done when they meet again later in the spring.

As for rules, here’s what’s on the docket.

  • A touchback will now permanently be placed at the 25 yard line.
  • Revised “Catch” rules are expected to be passed.
  • Defensive Pass Interference wold be a 15-yard penalty rather than a spot foul (This is unlikely to pass)
  • Making roughing the passer and hits on a defenseless player reviewable (This is unlikely to pass)
  • Teams will no longer have to add PAT or 2pt conversion on scores that end games in regulation.
  • A team MAY win a game in OT on a turnover even though that would technically be their “2nd possession.”

There’s a few more but those are certainly the ones getting the most attention.

Tweet of the Day… Actually I should have said “I’m convinced we didn’t have nearly the problems with what a catch was before replay.”

I said yesterday in this space that I don’t think Bud Dupree has shown enough to warrant the fifth year option. GM Kevin Colbert said he believes Dupree is “just scratching the surface.” I’ll take his word over mine for sure but I’m not nearly as convinced about this as he sounded.

Steelers’ World is beside itself with the news that the Steelers will dine with LSU running back Derrius Guice. “Are they going to draft a running back in round one???” “What does that mean for Bell???” Relax people. The Steelers HAVE to do their due diligence here. Besides, these are the same people who will bitch when Bell leaves and they scream at Tomlin and Colbert for not having a running back in waiting.

Speaking of “Running backs in waiting…” We at SCB were not crazy about the drafting of James Conner. You have to understand why though. First of all, you won’t find a better person and we love that about Conner. But being drafted in the third round was too high. There was better overall talent available at the time with guys like Samaje Perine, Tarik Cohen, Wayne Gallman and Marlon Mack still available. My hope obviously is that Conner becomes an all-time great for the Steelers but I can only deal with ‘now.’

One month from the Draft!! Have a great day Steeler Nation!



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