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SCB Steelers Quick Hitters: The “Mad Money” Edition

by Steeldad

Good Tuesday to you Steelers fans.

In a span of about two minutes, when I was eight-years old, I found a $20 bill, $1 in change in a pop machine and then got two free sodas when I started pushing all of the buttons. Little did I know that would be the greatest day of my life. OK, maybe not but when you’re eight? It’s a damn good day! I have to imagine that’s how Dak Prescott feels today after agreeing to become the league’s second-highest player. This is a guy who is coming off a serious ankle dislocation and fracture. He has a career playoff record of 1-2 and he’s never advanced past the second round in the postseason. For the record, I like Prescott. Seems like a good guy who is passionate about what he does and I have not seen any off-field issues. And to be very clear… Don’t blame him for getting this deal which will pay him $126 million GUARANTEED dollars. If you want to blame someone for this mad money on NFL QBs then look no further than the Baltimore Ravens. When Joe Flacco bet on himself, led the Ravens to a super Bowl title and then bellied up to the table, he got paid! A six-year $120 million deal with $52 million guaranteed. THAT was the one that set all of this nonsense in motion. Quarterbacks are without question the most important players on the field and they should be paid well, but contracts for them are out of control plain and simple.

Get Off My Lawn

I’m an old school guy. I like tradition and I believe the game of football and those who play it should do so in a specific way. But with age also comes wisdom and an understanding that the generation that plays and coaches the game now is very different than when I was involved with it. I recognize that players have interests outside of the game and I understand that being a young man with lots of fans and lots of money is often difficult. If they are being a complete idiot I’ll say something but if they’re just having fun and marketing themselves? Who am I to say? Steelers.com and Steelers Digest editor Bob Labriola suggested yesterday that Chase Claypool was showing some “diva-like qualities” as the season wore on. I had some thoughts on this.

Tweet of the Day… If you’re in the Pittsburgh Area please consider stopping by. Dave’s work is remarkable.

Pro Days

With the Combine not being what it usually is due to Covid, Pro Days have taken on a much greater level of importance. Besides film, this is where NFL coaches and evaluators will get their best glimpse of draft prospects. Today, there are a couple of schools that will no doubt have personnel from the Steelers in attendance. One is Wisconsin-Whitewater where guard/center Quinn Meinerz went to school. He is a really intriguing prospect who had an excellent Senior Bowl week. The other school is Northwestern. Of note there will be tackle/guard Rashawn Slater who will likely be gone by the time the Steelers pick but he’s more than worth a look at. Also there is cornerback Greg Newsome who is a long, athletic kid who has battled some injuries, but remains a guy many teams would like.

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Have a great day Steeler Nation!

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