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SCB Steelers Quick Hitters: The ‘Who Steps Up?’ Edition

by Steeldad

Good Thursday to you Steelers fans.

With Diontae Johnson now out for the next several weeks, the Pittsburgh Steelers’ offensive weapons are greatly reduced. While they aren’t left with nothing, the loss of Johnson hurts and here’s why. Defenses can now roll coverages towards George Pickens while trusting that their other DBs can handle Allen Robinson II, Calvin Austin III and Gunner Olszewski. In all honesty, I have to think the bigger answer to replacing DJ is using more 12 personnel. Darnell Washington saw just 24 snaps on offense last week and I for one believe that number grows. Matt Canada has to use him more if for no other reason than his blocking. But I’d like to see both Washington and Freiermuth be used at the same time as receivers. This gives Kenny Pickett not one but two big targets likely over the middle. I’m not suggesting this be Canada’s primary set but with him who the heck knows? The bottom line is that someone has to step up and if George Pickens believes himself to be one of the top wideouts in the league then this would be a great time to step up and prove it.

The Podcast

Episode 335 of the SCB Steelers Podcast presented by DEK Roofing Inc will air live tonight on our YouTube channel. It goes without saying we’ll be in foul moods from Sunday’s opener while we also look ahead to the Monday Nighter with the Browns.



There is never a time when I would claim to know more than Mike Tomlin and the Coaching Staff. They’ve already forgotten more football than I’ll ever know but I have to admit I’m curious about the sudden move of Broderick Jones to right tackle this week. This is happening because Chuks Okorafor remains in concussion protocol. Coming out of the preseason, it was thought Dan Moore would slide over to right tackle while Jones manned the left. This is what they worked on quite a bit during Camp. So it’s been a bit surprising that Jones is the one moving. He played some right tackle in practice at Georgia but was used exclusively at left tackle during games. I have to imagine this is all because they don’t want Jones facing Myles Garrett which leads to the question… Knowing they played Garrett in week two, why wouldn’t they have worked on this in the preseason?

Roster Move

The Steelers released defensive back Luc Barcoo and running back Greg Bell yesterday. At the same time, they signed wide receiver Jacob Copeland. Copeland was an undrafted free agent signee this summer with Tennessee, then spent some time with Minnesota before being released again. Not surprisingly, Copeland spent some time at the University of Maryland which has become quite the pipeline these days. He also played at Florida. If you’re doing the math properly, this means the Steelers still have a spot open on the Practice Squad so I expect something today.

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