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SCB Steelers Quick Hitters: The “Watt Retrospective” Edition

by Steeldad

Good Friday to you Steelers’ fans.

Most of you know football. Most of you also know the NFL Draft is not perfect. In theory, it is designed to be I guess as the worst teams are supposed to get the best players and therefore get better. But that doesn’t always happen. Take the Steelers’ drafting of T.J. Watt for example. The Steelers chose 30th that year and ahead of what went the following pass rushers: Myles Garrett, Derrick Barnett, Jonathan Allen, Charles Harris and Takk McKinley. Anger issues aside, Garrett has been pretty good but I’d argue none of these players has been even close to what Watt has become in Pittsburgh. McKinley just had his fifth year option declined. Charlton was cut by Miami, his second NFL team and Barnett has actually been pretty good despite missing half the season in 2018. The fact that Watt fell to the Steelers wasn’t shocking because that’s often where he found himself on most draft boards. This is simply one of many like-minded examples that the Draft creates each year but let’s credit Kevin Colbert and company for nailing this one. Oh, other players taken before Watt include a lot of guys whose fifth year options were also declined making his pick that much more special.

Podcast Again?

Normally I just lock in the Podcast once per week here on QH but I wanted to make sure you got a chance to hear our interview with Ike Taylor. He was terrific. His comments about Troy Polamalu, Dick LeBeau and Dan Rooney we’re truly incredible. The SCB Steelers Podcast presented by DEK Roofing is here for your enjoyment.

Tweet of the Day… He has to be the sickest man in America!

Red Rifle

Yesterday the Cincinnati Bengals finally made it official and parted ways with QB Andy Dalton. While he never won a single playoff game in his time there he at least helped make them competitive and helped create the recent version of the Bengals-Steelers Rivalry. OK, it wasn’t much of a rivalry because the Steelers dominated the series but I think you know what I mean. Many believe he’s headed to New England but I’m not so sure. He may be like Cam Newton and just float on the breeze awhile before someone needs him. Happy Trails Red Rifle!

Have a great weekend and stay sane Steeler Nation!

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