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SCB Steelers Quick Hitters: The “Moving Along” Edition

by Steeldad

Good Thursday to you Steelers’ fans.

Yesterday I decided to set ‘Quick Hitters’ aside and address Kevin Colbert’s comments regarding Mason Rudolph. Those were made during his appearance on 93.7 The Fan. For those that missed it, Colbert and the Steelers are ‘all-in’ on Rudolph as their backup. Here’s what I ended up writing in case you missed it. While I’m wise enough to know that this won’t stop the conversation on social media, it should. Colbert said they hadn’t made any offers to any free agent QBs despite twitter accounts claiming the opposite. It’s time to move along people. Unless there is an injury, the Steelers will go into Training Camp with Ben Roethlisberger, Mason Rudolph, Duck Hodges and Paxton Lynch. That’s it. Time to move on to something else we can debate about.

The Podcast

Ian and I had a great opportunity yesterday on the Steel City Blitz Steelers Podcast presented by DEK Roofing, Inc. We got the chance to interview former Steelers’ cornerback Ike Taylor about his playing career, memories of Troy Polamalu, Dan Rooney and discuss his upcoming podcast. I cannot tell you how much I appreciated the ‘appreciation’ that Ike has for being a Pittsburgh Steeler. I had a lot of fun with this and I hope you enjoy it.

Tweet of the Day… Damn. I hate to see this era come to an end.

What’s in a Number?

The Steelers’ Faithful had a brief moment of shear panic yesterday when second round draft pick Chase Claypool unveiled the jersey number he would be wearing in Pittsburgh. While he wore 83 at Notre Dame, most didn’t see that happening as Big Ben isn’t letting that happen as long as he’s still playing. He does this an ode to Heath Miller. Claypool instead chose number 11 and that elicited the screams. Former third round pick Markus Wheaton once donned that number and he was ‘decent’ in the Steel City but never reached the heights they hoped he would. But then last year Donte Moncrief wore that number. The hope was that he would be just the free agent wideout we would need to help replace Antonio Brown. Well, that didn’t exactly work out so now fans are terrified that Claypool will fall victim to the number as well. Relax people, let’s give him a chance to catch some balls before we all run for a bridge!


I’m like everyone else in that I’m extremely hopeful that the NFL season can begin without delay due to the Covid-19 pandemic. While hopeful, I’m also realistic and right now there isn’t anyone who can definitively say whether or not the season begins on time. I know there are theories. I know there are people who have a pretty good idea of where things are headed but the truth is… we don’t know anything right now. We are all hoping and we are all guessing as to when things will get back on track. I do know the NFL is working on contingency plans but as of right now they are full steam ahead on a ‘normal’ season.

Have a great day Steeler Nation!

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