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SCB Steelers Quick Hitters: The ‘No Debate’ Edition

by Steeldad

Good Tuesday to you Steelers fans.

This is not hard. This should not be difficult to accept. Mason Rudolph gives the Pittsburgh Steelers the best chance to win right now. In two games, he’s done more in those games than Kenny Pickett has done in any game all year. It’s not just the stats though. The entire offensive unit looks different and the players even admit it when they’re asked. I would say there’s no knock on Kenny Pickett here but that wouldn’t be true. The running game is better. The protection is better. The ball is thrown down the field more. Players are clearly more invested. None of this means that Pickett can’t be the starting quarterback next year but he’s got work to do. As to this rumor that Pickett requested he not be the number two QB Sunday in Seattle… There are credible reports that it’s true and there are credible reports that it isn’t. Mike Tomlin is known to favor a phrase that goes like this; “we prefer volunteers, not hostages.” Therefore, if Pickett really did make this request then I can see Tomlin honoring it. I am hopeful that Pickett made no such request. I’d like to think he’s better than that and would always put the team ahead of himself. But these days nothing would surprise me. All I know is that Rudolph gives this team the best chance to win and it isn’t even close.

It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way

I said this in my rapid-fire thoughts after Sunday’s win but I’ll say it again here. Whether you’re a Najee Harris fan or a Jaylen Warren fan (you should be a fan of both as they both play for your team) this doesn’t mean you can’t respect what the other guy does. Harris and Warren are different types of backs so just appreciate them rather than complain about why one is better or worse.

Interior Push

Whenever you see Alex Highsmith and T.J. Watt struggle to get sacks in a game, don’t always assume it’s because they are being blocked well. Sometimes the Steelers aren’t getting the push from the interior that they need. When that happens it means that offensive lines don’t need to double team anywhere between the tackles. Thus they can afford to spread the blocking to the perimeter and that means more attention on Highsmith and Watt. Keep an eye on how Baltimore blocks up from this week.

Pretty Straight-Forward… Kinda.

In order to make the postseason, the Steelers need to win on Saturday. Lose? They’re done. Then they would need the following.

  1. PIT win + BUF loss OR
  2. PIT win + JAX loss or tie OR
  3. PIT win + HOU-IND tie OR
  4. PIT tie + JAX loss + HOU-IND doesn’t end in tie OR
  5. JAX loss + DEN win + HOU-IND doesn’t end in tie
Every season ends with ‘what-if’ scenarios but should the Steelers fail to make the playoffs those will be under the microscope more than usual. Home losses to New England and Arizona will be among the toughest pills to swallow. Going with Mason Rudolph will also be high on the list too.

Tomlin Talk

You’ve likely read this story already from Dale Lolley and Teresa Varley at steelers.com but I’ve linked it here. Mike Tomlin spoke to the media yesterday with the game being on Saturday. His comments about starting Mason Rudolph spoke volumes. Words like ‘contagious, confidence and aggressive’ stood out and should be taken note.

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