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SCB Steelers Quick Hitters: The “No Chalk” Edition

by Steeldad

Good Monday to you Steelers’ fans.

So as it turns it, the Pittsburgh Steelers didn’t even play on Saturday but it still turned out to be a pretty good day. Not only did former head coach Bill Cowher learn he was entering the Hall of Fame but the hated Baltimore Ravens were stunned at home for the second straight year and are out of the playoffs. While the NFC Championship Game is between the top two seeds, the AFC hasn’t exactly gone “chalk.” The upstart Tennessee Titans, who’ve knocked off New England and Baltimore in consecutive weeks on the road will travel to Kansas City to play the Chiefs. All Kansas City did yesterday was go down 24-0 to Houston before winning 51-31. With our Steelers on the sidelines, the last remaining thing I need to see for a perfect postseason is for San Francisco to lose. I don’t need another team with a sixth Super Bowl title.

Steelers in the Hall of Fame Game?

We know there will be at least two Steelers entering the Pro Football Hall of Fame this summer. Bill Cowher is now a lock and if Troy Polamalu isn’t, then there needs to be an investigation. Both Alan Faneca and Donnie Shell are good bets to make the Hall as well and with that many Steelers it would make perfect sense to get the team there in the Hall of Fame Game. I suspect they could face the Packers or Cowboys simply because of the prestige of the league’s Centennial Class but who knows?

Tweet of the Day… Thanks Torrey. Throwing gas on the fire!

What We’re Learning…

In this day and age of high-flying passing attacks and RPOs gone crazy, the Tennessee Titans are proving that old school football can still win big games. Keep in mind here that not every team has a running back like Derrick Henry. One Ravens’ defensive back admitted Saturday night that “at some point in the second half you just stop having anymore of that.” He was referring to the fact that tackling Henry over and over is not easy. While we can credit Henry and the offensive line, much credit also to the Titans’ defense too. As you look at the other three teams left, running the ball is still an important part of their offense. Perhaps a lot less so in Kansas City, but the classic old lessons remain. You still have to be able to play great defense and run the football to win games.

Repeating Myself

I really hate replay reviews. I appreciate that the NFL is trying to get it right and is trying to do better but the bottom line for me is that they are still struggling. From “Did the ball actually cross the goal lone?” to “Where was the correct spot of the ball?” Officials and replay officials still aren’t getting things correct. I don’t know that we’ll ever get to a point where technology will solve every poor or missed call but we still aren’t close and I wish we could go back to just accepting the way things are called. Players make mistakes on every play. Officials will too.

Have a great day Steeler Nation!

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