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SCB Steelers Quick Hitters: The “Hear Me Out” Edition

by Steeldad
Brown #84

Good Tuesday to you Steelers’ Fans.

When your team is no longer playing you tend to find new ways to entertain yourself. I often try to consider what the Steelers might do with certain players and while what I’m about to suggest may seem outlandish, hear me out. Art Rooney II recently said he could see Ben Roethlisberger playing into his 40’s. It is also accurate that Big Ben may get a contract extension as well. If you put those two things together then what does that mean for Mason Rudolph? As we know, the Steelers weren’t the only team that liked Rudolph in the Draft. Mike Mayock, now with the Raiders, was extremely high on him and there are plenty of teams out there in need of a young QB with potential. While I think it unlikely, could the Steelers trade Rudolph? Think about it. As of this writing Josh Dobbs is the backup. If Rudolph had been as good as the Steelers had hoped why wouldn’t he have been the backup? There is precedent. Roethlisberger was a rookie backup to Tommy Maddox in 2004 so it wouldn’t have been unthinkable. If a team liked Rudolph enough what would they offer? What would Kevin Colbert take? At best, it’s curious to think about right now.

When did it become acceptable for players to jaw at or taunt opposing head coaches? If the NFL wants to get serious about officiating then they need to flag the kind of crap Eli Apple was doing to Sean McVay Sunday.

Tweet of the Day… This is incredibly accurate. The Michael Jordan of football in terms of getting every call.

Le’Veon Bell popped up this week. He threw a slight insult towards the Steelers because, unlike the Rams, they didn’t go “all in” to get to the Super Bowl. Sorry Le’Veon. You had your chance at more than a fair price.

If you thought the NFL would follow the President’s prediction and start declining you’d be as mistaken as he was. Ratings for both Championship games were through the roof Sunday. Three times more people watched the Chiefs-Patriots than watched the World Series or NBA Finals. Even the poor officiating isn’t keeping people away.

If the NFL does in fact want to add Pass Interference to the things that can be reviewed then I have a suggestion. First, the league must get rid of the ridiculous spot foul for DPI. It’s too subjective of a call to begin with and when called it can totally flip the field and the game itself. Make it 15 yards and leave it at that.

Have a terrific day Steeler Nation!

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