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SCB Steelers’ Quick Hitters: The “Cringeworthy” Edition

by Steeldad
Cam Heyward

Good Monday to You Steelers’ Fans!

I try to make light of this time of year in the NFL because if I get too wrapped up in then it just raises my blood pressure. The next several weeks I’ve often referred to as the “silly season” but this year I’m calling it “cringeworthy.” This is that period where players have no commitments to their team so from now until Training Camp, they are on their own. For the majority of players, it means continuing to stay in shape and get as highly conditioned as they can while at the same time enjoying some down time. The problem is that “down time.” Too often we’ve seen players get caught doing things they shouldn’t be doing and that impacts them and their teams. The Pittsburgh Steelers have been here. We do not need the drama these choices can bring about either. Have a good break before Camp starts guys but please stay out of the news.

Ben Roethlisberger held his annual youth football camp yesterday and he always takes a few minutes to answer questions from the assembled media. One thing that had people paying attention was his comment that his kids “won’t play tackle football until at least fifth grade.” I would take that a step or two further. I see absolutely no reason to play tackle football until seventh grade. Having coached football from the high school level to the third grade level I can tell you that kids who don’t play full contact early do not ‘fall behind.’ Build the fundamentals first, the footwork, the skills etc and get to the proper form tackling later when they are more physically developed.

Tweet of the Day… I never fail to be amazed by the great photos Dave takes.

I’ve seen a lot of ‘Predicting the Steelers’ Record’ articles already and all I can do is scratch my head. We haven’t even started Camp yet where injuries will happen. Oh, that Le’Veon Bell thing could impact the record too.

It’s one thing to say that Mason Rudolph will compete for the back-up QB job but it’s another to say “he’s going to be the back-up QB.” While this may in fact come to fruition, Rudolph has yet to go through Training Camp and he’s yet to actually throw a pass in an NFL game be it preseason or not. Stop burying Landry Jones already. If it happens, fine, but we’ve seen nothing yet to make anyone jump to this conclusion.

Interesting comments from Ramon Foster about life without Bell to start the season. Foster has always been one of the most honest and forthcoming voices in the Steelers’ locker room but I take a little issue with him saying “we have to bring it a little more without him [Bell].” My question is why wouldn’t you bring everything you have whether Bell is there or not?

My selection of Germany to win the World Cup isn’t looking so hot right now. Fortunately there is plenty of time for them to get it turned around. I’m rooting for Iceland all the way anyhow!

Have a great Monday Steeler Nation!

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bob graff June 18, 2018 - 2:43 pm

I grew up less than a mile from where that photo was taken, Brings back great memories.

steeldad June 18, 2018 - 11:14 pm

I’m sure it does Bob. Best skyline in America in my opinion!!

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