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SCB Steelers Quick Hitters for 8/29/16

by Steeldad

Monday is upon Steelers’ Fans and a special shout to all the educators and students heading back today.

The Steelers made their first significant moves of the preseason  when they removed 11 players from the roster. Most notably were fourth round pick Jerald Hawkins was sent to Injured Reserve and Jordan Zumwalt was outright released. I really think Hawkins is being “stashed” on IR to make sure the Steelers keep his rights. With three tackles ahead of him and no need for him on the roster, this was a safe route.

Here’s the full list of guys released via steelers.com. They need to release four more guys by Tuesday at 4pm.

Punter Will Monday was also released leaving Jordan Berry with a very distinct honor. For the first time in Mike Tomlin’s tenure he will enter the season with the same punter as the previous one. Pretty strange huh?

The Steelers are experimenting in the secondary so here’s my take on that.

Tweet of the Day… Former Steelers Mike Logan and Aaron Smith. Someone got skinny!

OK, OK… THIS is the week Ladarius Green comes off the PUP list.

The Steelers more than likely already have their roster set even with another cut coming following the final preseason on Thursday. One of the guys that some think has a shot to make the final roster is safety Jordan Dangerfield. I like Dangerfield but to me he’s very much an “in the box” safety meaning he’s a good tackler and solid around the line of scrimmage. Where he struggles is in coverage so if the Steelers were to rely on him for any extended period of time that would concern me.

I think Fitz Toussaint has done enough in the last two weeks to solidify his place as the third running back. Daryl Richardson looked really good in week one but has leveled off. The difference for me is two-fold. Toussaint moves forward when running the ball while Richardson goes east and west a little too much for me. The second part is blitz pickup. Toussaint looks much better in that department.

Have a great Monday Steeler Nation!


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