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SCB Steelers Quick Hitters: The “Interior Build-Up” Edition

by Steeldad

Good Wednesday to you Steelers’ Fans.

According to the Steelers and the NFL, the team has announced that B.J. Finney has signed his one-year tender for just under $3.1 million. This is an important development for a number of reasons. First of all Finney has been the team’s best interior reserve the last couple of seasons. He has started just nine times but some of the offense’s best days running the ball in recent years were when he was playing. Secondly, Finney can also play center. We are of the opinion that he’s a much better guard than center but knowing you have that versatility is important. Third, the Steelers scored an excellent deal when starter Ramon Foster agreed to a very fair contract but at 33 years old, how much longer will he continue to be a top-line player? Having Finney in the fold is crucial and continues the continuity we’ve seen for several years. This should help new Offensive Line Coach Shaun Sarrett keep things as stable as possible moving forward.

Make sure you are staying up to date with all of our NFL Draft Prospect Profiles. We are kicking out at least one per day if not more right now. We are trying to cover guys we believe to be Steelers’ targets not just in round one but the entire Draft.

Tweet of the Day… Which likely means we don’t have a shot at him. Thanks Garman!

I am very excited to introduce a new draft contest presented by our man Eye of the StormZ. Basically it will work like this. In the days leading up to the Draft you’ll be asked to give the PLAYER the Steelers will draft in round one AND name the position they will draft in round two. If you can nail those two and you’re following @SCBlitz then you can win $1,000. More specific details will be coming in the next week or two.

The Steelers announced their OTA schedule for the Spring. Courtesy Steelers.com here are some of those key dates.

Tuesday, May 21 – OTA #1
Wednesday, May 22 – OTA #2
Thursday, May 23 – OTA #3
Tuesday, May 28 – OTA #4
Wednesday, May 29 – OTA #5
Thursday, May 30 – OTA #6
Monday, June 3 – OTA #7
Tuesday, June 4 – OTA #8
Wednesday, June 5 – OTA #9
Thursday, June 6 – OTA #10

Steelers Mandatory Minicamp
Tuesday, June 11– Day 1
Wednesday, June 12 – Day 2
Thursday, June 13 – Day 3

OTAs are in three phases. The first is just a two week period of weights and conditioning. Phase two is where on field work can happen. There’s no contact and no “Offense vs Defense” but individual instruction and position group work is allowed. Phase three is where the dates above come into play and involve much more traditional practice time. There is still no contact but Offense/Defense can happen.

Have a great day Steeler Nation!

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