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SCB Steelers Quick Hitters: The “Feisty Foster” Edition

by Steeldad

Good Thursday to you Steelers fans.

He may be retired but former Steelers’ Offensive Lineman Ramon Foster still has that classic, feisty attitude you want to see from guys protecting your quarterback. I must admit, his target had it coming and was 100% deserving of the retort from the long-time Steeler. Apparently Pro Football Focus, you know? The group that knows how to evaluate players on every single play despite the fact the group has no idea what assignment the player had on any given play… Yeah, them. They took a shot at Ben Roethlisberger and Foster wasn’t having any of it.

What Foster most importantly points out here is the truth about PFF. There are actually people who pay money for the content. Then you have networks, in particular NBC, who use PFF grades as gospel. Why NBC? Because Cris Collinsworth owns a large stake in PFF. This isn’t about providing fans with accurate information at all. It’s about creating clicks, talking points and oh yeah, MONEY! If you’re a fan of them, be my guest. I watch the game and trust my own knowledge and research enough to know when a player has performed well or not. I suggest you do the same. And so does Ramon.

Tweet of the Day… Apparently Ramon wasn’t the only one who has had enough of PFF.

It’s JUST Mini-Camp!

I find it almost laughable the amount of people on social media who are complaining about what they’ve seen so far from the Steelers’ voluntary mini-camp. In one clip, Big Ben takes a shotgun snap from rookie Kendrick Green. This leads to a barrage of comments like… “Oh I see nothing has changed! Ben will do what he wants to! In the shotgun again!!” There were dozens of comments just like that one. Allow me to explain. There is nothing in this particular camp for you to get that heated about. This is about fundamentals, getting back into the swing of football, etc. And do you really think the Steelers are just going to completely get rid of the shotgun? Relax people. It’s May. Not September.


It is no small thing the announcement made earlier today about the pre-draft routine for the NFL. Starting next year, Historical Black Colleges and Universities will have their opportunity to shine in front of NFL scouts. This is something that was needed and to be honest, I don’t know why teams ever moved away from scouting these schools more often. From Walter Payton and Jerry Rice to Mel Blount and Richard Dent, there have always been great players at this level of college football and they deserve to be scouted along with the other schools. I’m glad to see the NFL doing this.

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Have a great day Steeler Nation!

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