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SCB Steelers Quick Hitters: The ‘Decision Day’ Edition

by Steeldad

Good Monday to you Steelers fans.

Pittsburgh Steelers’ Senior Defensive Assistant and Linebackers Coach Brian Flores will be busy this week. He is scheduled to meet for the second time with the Arizona Cardinals about their head coaching position and he is still being considered for the vacant defensive coordinator jobs in Denver and Minnesota. First off, Flores is more than deserving of these opportunities and he’s deserving should he be offered one or any. From a selfish point of view however I’m really hoping the Steelers can retain his services for another season. While this may be wishful thinking with Teryl Austin firmly entrenched as the D-Coordinator at this time, I’d really prefer to see Flores in that role. Is that something Mike Tomlin would consider? I believe it is if Austin moved on. Would he consider it even if Austin remained on the staff? Probably not based on past decisions. Teryl Austin is a good football coach, no doubt about it, but given the choice I’l take Brian Flores running my defense all day. Regardless, I’ll be very surprised if Flores doesn’t land one of these positions.

Tweet of the Day… Wise advice from a young man.


Pro Bowling

I’ve officially reached that age where professional All-Star games are of ZERO interest to me. I try, I really do… But I just can’t invest time into these things. I’ll give the NFL credit though because they realized the product of the actual Pro Bowl was agonizingly awful and they shifted their approach. Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas was packed yesterday and fans seemed to be invested. For me however, it isn’t worth watching. Oh and Myles Garrett suffered a dislocated toe. Don’t laugh. Those have ended careers.

The Mystery of William Jackson III

On November 1st of 2022, the Steelers traded a 2025 sixth round pick and a 2025 seventh round pick to the Washington Commanders for the services of cornerback William Jackson III. It’s no secret that WJIII was coveted by Mike Tomlin back in the 2016 NFL Draft. The Cincinnati Bengals drafted him just ahead of the Steelers who took Artie Burns and we know how that went. Despite being injured, the Steelers made the move. WJIII wold spend pretty much his entire stint with the Steelers being unable to practice. So now we get to what the Steelers’ options are. The Steelers can save over $9 million immediately just by cutting him but there is speculation that they will offer him a significant pay cut and the opportunity to stay. It’s no secret the team is desperate for cornerbacks but at 30 years old and a list of injuries behind him, is that even worth keeping him around? My guess is that the Steelers thought they could catch lightning in a bottle. Perhaps he’d be healthy and give them some quality snaps heading into 2023. If he doesn’t agree to a big pay cut then I’d part ways.


As we creep our way towards March, I have to think that Tyson Alualu is getting closer to his announcement. Actually, that’s probably not fair to say. Many of us are assuming that he’s going to retire. Injury and less playing time seem to make his retirement a foregone conclusion but who knows? Maybe he feels like he can contribute one more season? We shall see.

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