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SCB Steelers Quick Hitters: The “DeCastro Truth Bomb” Edition

by Steeldad

Good Tuesday to you Steelers fans.

If you ask any NFL reporter who has to trudge in and out of locker rooms they will almost all tell you that no one gives better interviews than the offensive linemen. They’re honest, opinionated and for whatever reason, they just put out the best lines. Yesterday was no exception as Steelers’ All-Pro Guard David DeCastro stepped up to the mic. His words about the offense last season were ugly but needed. “Last year sucked,’’ DeCastro said. “I already forgot about it. It was not fun to play as an offense. It was pretty terrible. You lose confidence, you find ways to lose games. You can’t win them when your defense gets five turnovers! Yeah, it was a pretty tough year. It falls on everybody on offense. That’s why it’s a team sport. You can’t lose that confidence. You have to be better” (Quote courtesy theathletic.com). DeCastro talking about the lack of confidence in his unit reminds me of a pee wee team whose star QB is hurt and is replaced by the only kid left on the bench. You know? The kid who has no idea what a football even looks like… I realize that’s a pretty harsh take on Mason Rudolph and Duck Hodges but DeCastro’s comments don’t fall far from my analogy do they? He’s also 100% correct about that feeling you have when the defense is doing its job and you aren’t. If you’ve played football or been part of any team then you know this feeling of dread. There is nothing worse than knowing you are working your tail off and getting nowhere while your coworkers are doing the same BUT they’re putting you in position to be better. And you aren’t. This explains why not just the players, but we the fans as well, need Ben Roethlisberger back, healthy and on the field. DeCastro, as most O-Linemen do, laid it out perfectly.

Tweet of the Day… Craig has a mind we should all be jealous of.

Double Tights

Eric Ebron will be the Steelers number one tight end. We know what his deficiencies are but what he brings positively is too much to make him a number two. Don’t for a second think that Vance McDonald will be collecting dust on the sidelines. The Steelers will likely use more two-tight end sets than we’ve seen in several years. The residual effects of this mean the need for that “extra blocker” (last year it was Zach Banner) is much less. It should also help the run game, especially in terms of balance and it creates a greater threat of throwing the ball in these situations too. There is a real possibility here for McDonald to have some big success in the Red Zone with so much attention paid to Ebron.

The “Experts”

Do any of you find it funny (or maybe quite sad) at the number of football people who are suddenly experts on Covid-19? My job here is to give you information and opinions. I do not however claim to be an expert at anything medically related. For the most part, NFL folks have done a good job but some of these college coaches? They just need to shut up. Ya, I want football to be played too but quoting Teddy Roosevelt while citing your opinion doesn’t make you an expert.

Layne Returns

Cornerback Justin Layne was reactivated this morning from the Reserve/COVID-19 list. To make room the Steelers released cornerback Breon Borders.

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Have a great day Steeler Nation!

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