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SCB Steelers Quick Hitters: The “Experimenting” Edition

by Steeldad

Good Wednesday to you Steelers fans.

One of the things any Training Camp brings is experimentation. Even in this unusual time teams like our Steelers are moving guys around, trying different alignments or looks or are using different personnel in unusual ways. One area where this “mad scientist” behavior happens is in the secondary. We’re hearing that Minkah Fitzpatrick is being moved all over the place which isn’t totally shocking. But where things are a little more interesting is that they’ve been using Cam Sutton as a deep safety. The idea of Sutton playing safety has been bandied about since he was drafted. This is nothing and I repeat “nothing” we should take as gospel but let’s roll with it for a second. I have a hard time seeing Terrell Edmunds being taken off the field in this situation. Therefore, we’re going to assume that he’ll be featured in the box where his speed and tackling will be utilized. Where this gets even more interesting is if rookie Antoine Brooks really comes along. His strong suit is in tackling and run-stopping and he could be a real wild-card here. This is asking a lot of course considering the lack of time to pick things up but it could be curious to see how it unfolds as the season moves forward. Also keep an eye on how they handle Vince Williams who saw his snaps reduced quite a bit last year. He’s a terrific two-down player but with such little depth behind him what happens here? Trust me, there’s a lot of experimenting going on.

Tweet of the Day… This is incredible. I would never have the patience to do something like this.

Times Have Changed…

Those of you who played high school or college football, do you remember “two-a-days?” Typically this was one practice in the morning and one in the afternoon. Many high schools have altered this dramatically and now seem to go with one longer practice in the preseason each day. Obviously we’ve seen similar things in college and the NFL where time in full equipment and with contact have been greatly diminished. As it relates to the high school kids, some of it is certainly about safety but it’s also about societal change too. Many kids have to work to help their families, not just work to have spending money. They can’t commit the time to sports they once did and because fewer kids are participating overall coaches can’t just tell kids to “forget being on the team” because they need the bodies if you will. Times have changed for sure.

Thanks Kaboly!!

Mark Kaboly of theathletic.com wrote a piece recently about how an injury to Devin Bush could destroy the Steelers’ defense. First off, if Bush gets hurt then I’m blaming Kaboly for even mentioning this. To the larger point, he’s not wrong. There are areas where the defense could survive an injury but Bush’s spot is not one of them. They are so ridiculously thin right now at LB that Defensive Coordinator Keith Butler may have to suit up and return to his old LB days. I still believe the Steelers will find someone off the street to bolster their depth but the point remains. This D wouldn’t be close to the same.

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Have a great day Steeler Nation!

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