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SCB Steelers Quick Hitters: The “Boiling It Down” Edition

by Steeldad
Bush of the Steelers. steelcityblitz.com

I think I’ve boiled this down to one of three things. The Pittsburgh Steelers will move heaven and earth to draft a quarterback in round one. They will draft a “best player available” and take a QB in the middle rounds or they won’t even bother with a QB in this draft. With just a couple of more days remaining, there is much to still happen. QB needy teams will likely make a move or two but moving too soon gives other teams chances to react. Does that include the Steelers? I will be disappointed if it is. Between Mason Rudolph and Mitchell Trubisky, the Steelers will be at the very least competent. Kenny Pickett is the only one who could possibly start right away. The same cannot be said for the other potential first rounders. The bigger and more important question regarding any of these QBs is whether they can be a franchise player for the next decade. I don’t see it and that is why the Steelers should pass. I realize I’m putting a lot of eggs in the basket of Trubisky and Rudolph but what kind of Super Bowl threat is this team anyway? My goal is to rebuild this team first and add the QB later but believe me, I’ll understand if they go with a QB this weekend.

The Podcast

In case you missed episode 266 of the SCB Steelers Podcast presented by DEK Roofing Inc. We finished up our draft prep with a look at the EDGE rushers, safeties and cornerbacks.

Devin Bush Video

I hate to be “that” guy but I will… Many fans were thrilled to see a video shared by Devin Bush this weekend. In it, he’s seen doing agility work. Admittedly, he looks good. Quick feet, good change of direction etc. However, until I see him coming down hill to make a tackle or cover a tight end or running back then you’ll forgive my lack of excitement. I’m optimistic he returns to pre-injury form but I need to see it on the field before all else.

Tweet of the Day… I’d like to stress the word “finally.”

Duck Days are Over

One time Pittsburgh legend Devlin “Duck” Hodges announced his retirement late last week. Hodges became an instant icon in the Steel City when he replaced a struggling and injured Mason Rudolph during the 2019 season. Ben Roethlisberger was lost for the season in week two and was replaced by Rudolph. His ineffective play gave way to ‘Duck’ who was an avid duck hunter who played his college ball at Samford. Hodges went 3-3 in his six career starts with the highlight being his back-to-back wins on the road against the Chargers and Bengals. Best wishes to Duck!

Edmunds Returns

Quietly over the weekend the Steelers agreed to a one-year $2.5 million contract with Terrell Edmunds. This is an excellent signing at a terrific price. It became clear that other teams were not interested in Edmunds at the price his agent was asking. This becomes a “prove it” deal for him and a chance to sign on elsewhere for more money in 2023. His signing also takes Tyrann Mathieu out of play too.

Early Draft Thoughts

I will not be surprised if the Jags go with either Trayvon Walker or one of the top OTs at number one. Aidan Hutchinson is a terrific player but JAX would benefit more from protecting Trevor Lawrence or taking Walker who I think could be a better long-term pro… If Detroit goes QB at #2 then I think things will get nuts. QB needy teams will then start looking to trade up even more… Malik Willis will not be there at 20. Not even close. I think someone takes him or moves up to take him within the top 7… The only QB option the Steelers would consider at 20 is Desmond Ridder. Sam Howell and Matt Corral I just cannot see them taking there and Kenny Pickett should be gone… Someone always drops. It’s inevitable. Who it is will be very intriguing. What Kayvon Thibodeaux is there at 20 or Jermaine Johnson? Not exactly positions of need but the Steelers would have to pull the trigger wouldn’t they?


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