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SCB Steelers Quick Hitters: The “A Lot Going On” Edition

by Steeldad

Good Wednesday to you Steelers fans.

There was a point yesterday where the news from the Pittsburgh Steelers was coming so fast I wasn’t sure if I could keep up. I am old after all… Allow me to get right to it before I break it down a bit. Cornerback Mike Hilton is off to the Bengals. Defensive Tackle Tyson Alualu is back with the Jaguars. Zach Banner is staying with the Steelers. And Vince Williams was released. Let’s start there. Williams is one of my favorite players from this generation. He was a sixth round compensatory draft pick who busted his ass to make the team as a rookie. For nine straight years he helped anchor the middle and was often a force on Special Teams. The reality is that he was a generation too late. He would have feasted back in the 1980’s and 1990’s but in today’s game linebackers have to cover and Williams’ limitations there were his downfall. As for Hilton, he lost out in the duel between himself and Cam Sutton simply due to versatility. His loss is significant but he had largely become a guy with just a single purpose and it was not always to cover. Alualu going back to Jacksonville was surprising but it also tells me the Steelers didn’t prioritize his return. Had they truly wanted him back they would have done the necessary financial things to do so. His depth and overall talents will be missed. Of all of these items I find Banner the most interesting. He signed a two-year deal for over $9 million which tells me they will start him. At which tackle, I do not know. Keep in mind he’s made just two starts in his career as he suffered a torn ACL in the opener last fall. If he plays right tackle, I’m good with that. What I’m not good with is either he or Chuks Okorafor playing left tackle. I see neither having the proper skill set right now to handle the position. This leads me to believe the Steelers are far from down re-working this offensive line.

Tweet of the Day… Nick isn’t wrong.

People Need to Relax

Was yesterday a difficult one for Steelers Nation? Yup. We saw some good guys and important pieces of past teams go in other directions but we have to understand this is a process. First of all, Vince Williams could very well return on a much cheaper deal. Secondly, what we as fans see is important but what the team sees is what matters. If they felt they could afford to move on from Alualu then we have to trust them. If they felt Sutton was a bigger priority than Hilton then we have to trust them. We may not agree with every move but that’s life. We all need to relax and allow Kevin Colbert, Mike Tomlin and company to do their thing. Once the season gets rolling then we’ll know if they made the right moves or not. But right now? No use getting worked up. Heck, we don’t even know where JuJu is going yet.

Pro Days

Busy day in the Pro Day world today with a few intriguing schools to look at.¬†Arizona, Georgia, Illinois, Pittsburgh and San Jose State are all on the docket. I suspect the Steelers will walk down the hall for Pitt’s Pro Day while I also believe they’ll have a decent presence in Athens to see some Bulldogs.

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Have a great day Steeler Nation!

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