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SCB Steelers’ Quick Hitters: The “Happy Bell” Edition

by Steeldad
SCB Steelers Quick Hitters

Good Thursday Steelers’ Fans!

From the sunny skies of Orlando, free agent running back Le’Veon Bell told the media that he and the Steelers are “closer than we were last year” and he went on to say that both he and the Steelers were “happy” to be were there were. First of all, the Steelers can ‘tag’ Bell as soon as February 20th and must place the tag on him by no later than March 6th. There’s no question that the goal is to get a long-term deal done. Last year the Steelers had an offer to him that would have paid him $30 million guaranteed in the first two years of his deal and I can’t imagine they are going to go much higher than that. Has he changed his perspective? He certainly could have but between now and the 6th of March the Steelers will have to get more creative with cap space that’s for sure. They are currently projected to be about $2.5 million under the cap when the league year begins. That’s not nearly enough to accommodate a new deal for Bell. Do I think something gets done? No I do not.

I’m very happy to announce that Chris G. has joined our merry band of SCB crazies! He has written for numerous outlets in the past and we are extremely glad to have him on board with us. Check out his debut article right here.

And yes, I do still believe changes are coming to the defensive staff. Call me crazy.

Tweet of the Day… I wish they were “super bowl vibes” but…

Steelers’ mouthpiece Gerry Dulac usually speaks in code for the vast majority of his weekly chats and this is a bit of an example but there’s actually something to this. I’ll explain after the quote.

Moose: There is no I in Team, but there is a M and an E. Too many “me” players allowed to do too many “me” things this year without consequences. Tomlin seems stubborn, will he change his coaching style as far as discipline? 
Gerry Dulac: He might have to because that is today’s athlete. Trust me, their behavior and attitude sickens players from the past, and I’m not talking the 70s, 80s, or 90s. I mean the recent past, like since Ben has been here. Not all of them, but enough of them.

While Troy Polamalu’s best days were behind him, a lot of why he retired had to do with this issue. Brett Keisel has made similar comments and so have other guys who have played as recently as the last 5-10 years. Part of this is today’s athlete but part of it is also what Tomlin has allowed.

Again I ask, has anyone seen or heard from Mike Mitchell since he was last seen outside the Jags’ locker room?

Besides Bell, don’t forget the Steelers need to do something with Joe Haden as well. He’s not going to play for peanuts either.

Have a great Thursday Steeler Nation!!

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