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SCB Steelers 2021 Draft Prospect Profile: Kyle Trask, QB, Florida

by Steeldad

We are back with our NFL Draft Prospect Profiles and today I’m focusing on Kyle Trask.

Key Numbers

Quarterback, University of Florida, 6’5″ 239 lbs,

Odds and Ends

Hails from Manvel, Texas… Twitter handle is @ktrask9… Broke Danny Wuerffel’s Florida record of 39 TD passes in a season with 43… School record five 400-yard passing games… Heisman Trophy Finalist.

What’s to Like

Uses his big frame aggressively when running sneaks or draws to pick up a few yards… Tough kid, hangs in there to the last second… Throws a really nice intermediate ball especially those sideline fades and back-shoulder throws… Smart player who seems to understand where he needs to go with the ball each play… Gets it out of his hands quickly on RPO’s… Ability to climb the pocket is there… Has vital experience in the shotgun, pistol and under center.

What’s Concerning

Feet look heavy at times, they get more stationary as he settles into his drop… Overall pocket presence needs work… Improvisation skills are limited… Deep ball strength and accuracy isn’t there… Can be late on throws especially when he’s indecisive or when pressure is closing in… Ball security is an issue especially when on the move… Throwing while on the run needs work… Lack of mobility is something he gets away with at times in college but that won’t happen in the NFL… Have to wonder how much of his success was on him or his receivers?

Final Thoughts

Trask is a big kid who will require some work on his lower body in my opinion. Seems to get most of his power directly from his arm rather than getting more from hips and legs. Hard to find fault with his incredible TD-INT ratio of 43-8. That tells me he understands the offense and won’t make a ton of mistakes. He benefited from a really good supporting cast at Florida but he did his share of the work in terms of getting the ball into the right hands at the right time. He will pick up a few yards running the ball but he won’t be a threat in the NFL aside from a sneak or short-yardage play. Put him behind a good offensive line and allow him to throw short and intermediate passes. This is his best path to being an NFL QB.

My Draft Grade

You know and I know quarterbacks often go higher than what they are graded. The NFL is always looking for the next big thing at the QB position and teams are willing to reach for that possibility. I view Trask as a late 2nd-early 3rd QB. I do not see the Steelers taking him with needs at OL, RB and TE being more crucial right now.

Film Watched: vs Alabama (SEC Title Game 2020), vs Georgia 2020, vs Ole Miss 2020

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