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SCB Steelers Quick Hitters: The “What is Change?” Edition

by Steeldad

Good Wednesday to you Steelers fans.

In the days following the Pittsburgh Steelers’ humbling defeat in the first round of the playoffs, Head Coach Mike Tomlin promised there would be changes. Now, the term “change” can be very subjective. Some view change as being something radical while others view change as much more subtle. When I heard Tomlin’s comments my definition of change fell somewhere in between those two points. I agreed with him that there definitely needed to be change but I was also skeptical because I’ve heard this before. With openings at Offensive Coordinator, Offensive Line Coach, Quarterbacks Coach and Secondary Coach, the opportunities were there for some real change! The decision to go with Matt Canada as the new OC certainly fell in the middle. Yes, he was “promoted” but he’d only spent one season with the Steelers so I viewed his appointment as “new” rather than “from within.” While that position absolutely, positively needed change, the Offensive Line job felt just as much in need of change and I’m not sure we got it. Adrian Klemm was given the job on Monday. He served as the assistant to Shaun Sarrett the last two seasons and was promoted after the Steelers flirted with other possibilities for a month. While current player Zach Banner and former player Ramon Foster sang his praises, there doesn’t feel like this is much of a change. Or whatever that means…

Tweet of the Day… I may or may not represent the claims of this tweet.

From Bettis to Ben

Some fans may not recall or even know that Jerome Bettis took a pay cut in two consecutive years to remain part of the Steelers. His ultimate goal was to win a Super Bowl title as his career came to a close and as luck would have it, that’s how things turned out. This has become a likely and common comparison for the current state of things with Ben Roethlisberger. Mark Kaboly of The Athletic did a terrific job of breaking down the options that the Steelers and Big Ben have. Pay cut, pay cut with incentives, extension or restructure with voidable years. The latter is something we’ve talked about on the podcast several times. Roethlisberger recently told Ed Bouchette that he’s willing to do whatever he can and that “money isn’t an issue.” This all has to be figured out by mid-March and I honestly don’t know how it goes.

National Signing Day

Today is a big day for many in college football. Today is when many of the nation’s top high school players will select what college they are taking their talents to. Please do not be someone who gets on social media or a message board to attack a teenager because they didn’t choose your favorite school. Be better than that.

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Have a great day Steeler Nation!

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