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My Annual ‘Predicting the Steelers’ Schedule’ Article

by Steeldad

“Have you ever gotten it 100% right?” No.

There, I said it. I’ve never nailed the Pittsburgh Steelers’ schedule during my annual predictions article. I think I once was close to 50% but I can’t confirm that. Either way, I find it fun to use my ‘crystal ball’ to zero in on the Steelers’ actual 2017 schedule. The real schedule will be released Thursday night at 8pm ET on the NFL Network.

As is common in these parts…. “Here we go!”

Week 1 @Houston (1pm)

Week 2 Baltimore (Sunday Night 830PM)

Week 3 @Kansas City (Monday Night 830pm)

Week 4 Minnesota (1pm)

Week 5 BYE

Week 6 Tennessee (Sunday 1pm)

Week 7 @Indianapolis (405pm)

Week 8 Cincinnati (Thurs. Night 830pm)

Week 9 @Cleveland (1pm)

Week 10 @Detroit (Monday Night 830pm)

Week 11 New England (425pm)

Week 12 @Baltimore (1pm)

Week 13 Jacksonville (1pm)

Week 14 Green Bay (425pm)

Week 15 @Chicago (1pm)

Week 16 Cleveland (1pm)

Week 17 @Cincinnati (1pm)

Summary: The schedule gives the Steelers the classic “4 and 4.” In each half of the season, they will play four away games and four home games. Because the NFL has made divisional games at the end of the season a priority, I think the Steelers will continue with that trend.

I also am predicting four primetime games for the Steelers. It is likely they will have one more than that but I feel comfortable with four and I have them slated to play in three late afternoon starts as well. Not exactly what the ‘1pm crowd’ likes but hey, it is what it is.


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