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Who Has the Best Odds of Winning Super Bowl LVII?

by SCB 2019

The Super Bowl is a celebration of a long, hard-fought NFL season. Teams participating dream of winning the championship and being called champions. The finale takes place on the second Sunday of February. Super Bowl LVII is scheduled to be played on 12th Feb 2023 at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.

The odds of winning the Super Bowl are determined by several factors, such as the momentum of a team, players’ form and strengths, playing conditions, depth, and many more. However, the most important element is the recent win by a team. As a result, the favorites at the beginning of the season are different from today.

It is the playoffs season, and the final 14 teams competed to reach the final, seven from each conference. 

Buffalo Bills, Kansas City Chiefs, Cincinnati Bengals, and Jacksonville Jaguars qualified for the playoffs as division winners, while The Miami Dolphins, LA Chargers, and Baltimore Ravens clinched the wild card entries.

The Philadelphia Eagles topped the NFC conference. In addition, the 49ers, the Vikings, and the Buccaneers qualified, while the Cowboys, Seahawks and the Giants clinched the wild cards.

At the start of the season, LA Rams were expected to make the playoffs, but that is not the case. Similarly, the Green Bay Packers and New England Patriots also disappointed the fans. The two most consistent teams were the Bills and the Chiefs.

The Bills had been favorites to lift the Super Bowl LVII, and now, the Chiefs are overtaking them with better odds of winning. Pundits back Patrick Mahomes to lead his side to the big game. The Conference Championships matches are set to take place this Sunday with the Eagles and 49ers in the NFC, and the Chiefs versus the Bengals in the AFC. 

Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs were favorites to lift the Super Bowl until Patrick Mahomes’ ankle injury. They will play the conference championship game against the Bengals. The odds currently favor the Bengals however.

San Francisco 49ers

With ten straight wins, the 49ers are on an incredible winning run. As a result, they are the hottest take in NFL betting. To top it off, they have a formidable team, and till now, the rookie QB Brock Purdy has performed well. They will go one on one against the Eagles in the NFL conference final.  

Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles were thought to be a good heading into the 2022 season but few expected that they would actually be the number one seed. However, after winning the NFC East, they are very comfortable and need only two games to win to be crowned 2023 NFL Champions.

Cincinnati Bengals

In their Divisional Playoff against the Bills, the Bengals went in as underdogs. But, surprisingly, the Bengals won convincingly 27-10 and reserved their spot at the conference championship for the second consecutive season. It will be a rematch against the Chiefs. Weeks ago, the Chiefs would have entered as favorites but the NFL spreads will be tight because of the close matchups recently between both teams. 

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