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What to Expect in the Pittsburgh Steelers In 2021

by SCB 2019
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If we try to compare basketball from football, the unpredictability of the latter is on another kind of level.  In basketball, five players assemble the starting lineup. There is also a bench rotation of around four to five players. In football, more than 40 players are expected to show up in the field. Of course, such a quantity of  players considerably adds to the randomness of a football game prediction. 

For the fans of Pittsburgh Steelers, we aren’t going to be just bystanders for sure. Even with the upsetting unpredictability of this sport, we will try to provide you with the projections we have set for the team. Read the featured advantages, potential flaws, and trends of the team. Lastly, we’ll write the most impartial opinion, giving you the hints of the Pittsburgh Steelers edge and measures for a headway in the 2021 league.

Determining Their Postseason Asset

To address their four losses out of five, they held a “meeting with the players only”. Because the regular season has been really challenging on the team, they wanted to deal with their shortcomings and come up with promising strategies and adjustments for their return in the playoffs. The exceptional ability in deciding on the draft is one fair advantage for the Steelers. For example, in 2017, James Conner was once a third-round pick with no exemplary shots at all. However, he’s now becoming a celebrity that football fans would want to take a photo with. The Steelers are the first team to host Conner’s skill when no one is checking on him. Even if you’re used to betting for a point spread, the Steelers could offer you confidence in winning your bet.  You can check out www.fanduel.com/super-bowl-spread for the team futures in the Super Bowl LV 2021.

Trading Up for Quarterback

Fans are certainly curious about the team’s thoughts on moving up to a draft for a quarterback this year.  If you look at the 2021 NFL Draft Class, you can behold a selection of talents and abilities especially in the quarterback position. BYU’s Zach Wilson will most likely occupy the number three pick in the draft. With Wilson’s current status, Steelers have a little chance in a successful trade attempt. Trey Lance of North Dakota State could be a less expensive option for the quarterback position. He was declared earlier for the 2021 NFL Season draft. In Class 2021, Lance was ranked as a top-10 prospect. For quarterbacks, he was placed third following Trevor Lawrence from Clemson and Justin Fields of Ohio State. The first and second in the draft are expected to go before Lance so it’s relatively possible for him to choose Steelers.

Upswinging from the Humiliating Loss

Well, it is obvious that Big Ben isn’t in his best condition in his previous games. Perhaps his age is a good factor to point out as to why he’s having hard time moving left or right to get in the best rhythm. Developing a run game will be the top option they should consider. If a run game is not possible, Ben Roethlisberger should make every effort to be in his best shape. Everyone has noticed that the opposing defenses have been eyeing him as a standing target in the recent games. He’s been a victim of minor injuries because of his unstable performances so far.

If he’ll be able to appear in the field as an skillfully elusive quarterback, he’ll be able to make all of the spectators root for him and for the team. For Big Ben’s age, pulling off such a feat is a far-fetched holy grail. If this seems to be overly outrageous, Big Ben could take oneself off the business. The problem is that the team had invested too much in Big Ben even discounting drilling a quarterback prodigy to replace Big Ben. For the record, Big Ben is the youngest quarterback to win a Super Bowl at age 23. Perhaps it’ll be best for him to retire at age 38. 

Return of Ben Roethlisberger

As mentioned, it is most likely that Big Ben is going to return in the 18th NFL season. As of now, the Steelers are slumping after their loss to Cleveland Browns. Nevertheless, the team’s still hopeful in making up for the humiliating loss. To rumors about him retiring, it will be very unlikely for him to leave the field without conserving or even exceeding his performance in his previous games. It is true that the league’s cap space shrank because of the pandemic. With a $41.5 million cap hit at Big Ben who is a 38-years-old Hall of Fame quarterback, many found it to be quite unwise of the Steelers.

The Steelers have Mason Rudolph, a third-year quarterback. Though he’s not the most wanted replacement for Big Ben, the team gave him a try by bringing him in in the game. Based on what he has shown, he still clearly needs more coaching to improve mobility, overall arm talent in his position, and velocity at the same time.  Well, at the end of the day, the fates of the two players are on the executives of the team.


Now, the Pittsburgh Steelers are readying for their quest in the Super Bowl along with the 13 of the league’s playoff teams. It’s early to tell how the team will perform in the Super Bowl but if the crucial suggestions are exercised well, the team still got the chance in the final league.

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