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SCB Steelers Quick Hitters: The “Towel Waving” Edition

by Steeldad
Terrible Towel

Good Tuesday to you Steelers fans.

On this day in 1975 a legend was born. Unlike most legends, this is one that will likely never die. If this legend does die, I hate to be the person that kills it for there will be masses gathering to protest its demise. Count me among them. This “legend” was born during a playoff game against the Baltimore Colts when the Yinzer of all Yinzers, Myron Cope, rallied the crowd by waving a towel from his radio broadcast position. This towel would become one of the greatest team and fan symbols in all of professional sports. It was this day, 47 years ago, that the Terrible Towel was born. Since that day, it has seen hundreds of imitators but none has ever stuck, nor should they. The ‘Towel’ belongs to the late Myron Cope and Steelers Nation. It has been made into myriad styles and is even customizable now. It appears at child births, at weddings, birthday parties and funerals. Anyone who calls themselves a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers has one, if not many, many more. Fans have “at home” versions, they have “game only” towels and “office” towels. They are as much a part of one’s interior (and exterior at my house) decoration as a family portrait. They are tattoos (raises hand) and earrings and skirts and stickers. They are literally everywhere. Whether that was what Myron Cope had in mind I’m not sure but I’m also reminded that proceeds go to the Allegheny Valley School. This is where Cope’s Autistic son went and I’m more than happy to see some of my money go here. I’m also happy to see the Towel continue to be a symbol that unites us all.

Tomlin Tuesday

Head Coach Mike Tomlin will position himself before the assembled members of the press today. He will no doubt delight us with a few terrific cliches but I’m hoping he also updates us on any potential injury issues heading into their big tilt in Baltimore Sunday night. The players, as they are most weeks, are off today.

Tweet of the Day… A dish towel!!


With the Los Angeles Chargers’ 20-3 win over the Colts last night the playoff chances for the Black and Gold got even more slim than they already were. It is not conceivable that the Steelers could be eliminated before they even take the field in Baltimore Sunday night. A Miami win in New England is the easiest way they get the boot. Ties don’t help either. As was the case at this time last year, the Steelers cannot lose and they need help. It’s as simple as that.

Past Tense?

If you listen carefully, there are comments by some Steelers’ players that are quite intriguing. When Offensive Coordinator Matt Canada’s name comes up there have been a few “past tense” comments made. To be 100% clear here, there isn’t one player who knows Canada’s fate. Any speculation is just that, speculation. There are two guys who will make that decision. Mike Tomlin and Art Rooney II. Remember, Canada is under contract for another year and ARII is not crazy about paying people who no longer work for him. I think the use of past tense terms is more optimistic than anything.

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