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SCB Steelers Quick Hitters: The ‘Strange Days’ Edition

by Steeldad

Good Tuesday to you Steelers fans.

I realized something yesterday when a student of mine said, “The Lions have a better record than the Steelers.” After bringing back my own form of corporal punishment… Kidding… I looked at him and replied, “Strange days we are in aren’t they?” The young man is indeed correct. The Detroit Lions are 4-6 while my beloved Steelers are 3-7. What I ultimately realized is that this is the reality for the Steelers and for the fan base in general. Moments like these are when you truly find out who the real fans are. That’s an elementary statement if there ever was one but it’s also true. As this season has worn on the seats at Acrisure Stadium have been increasingly left vacant. With the comfort of 55″ televisions and not having to pay for parking, tickets, concessions, etc, why go to the game when you can languish in misery for a lot less in your home or local watering hole? For all I know the Steelers will rattle off seven straight wins to end the season leaving a commentary like this one moot. Unfortunately I don’t see that happening as we all embrace these strange days.

Tomlin Tuesday

With the players off today that means Mike Tomlin will take questions from the assembled press. As is usually the case I expect no shortage of cliches and mantras. In many ways Tomlin, like Bill Belichick in New England, has mastered the art of saying a lot without really saying much at all. In fact, the most useful information one can take from these pressers is usually about health. Not much more to it than that.

Tweet of the Day… For those wondering, Festivus is officially on December 23rd.

Toothpaste…. Tube

If you listen to the Podcast then you often hear us say “the toothpaste is already out of the tube” in regards to Kenny Pickett. We use this phrase whenever people wonder if Pickett will get benched in favor Mitchell Trubisky or Mason Rudolph. The only way this happens is if Pickett is hurt. Tomlin has put all of his eggs into Pickett’s basket so he isn’t going back now. Tomlin clearly believes in learning on the job and at 3-7, this is about development, not about wins anymore.

Canada Next Year

Would Mike Tomlin really consider bringing Matt Canada back in 2023? I don’t think it’s as impossible as some may think. Do I think he should part ways? Hell yes I do but I’m not Tomlin. He may see growth in both Canada and Kenny Pickett as the final seven games progress and it’s never easy to switch coordinators especially with a young QB but I’d argue that’s EXACTLY the time to do it. From what I observe each week it appears that the players have little faith and even less confidence in what Canada is doing and like it or not, it’s affecting their play. I’m of the opinion that any ‘real fan’ never wants to see their team lose but if the Steelers win more than they lose down the stretch it could increases the chances that Canada returns. In other words, pick your poison.


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