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SCB Steelers Quick Hitters: The ‘Some Guys Want Out’ Edition

by Steeldad

Good Wednesday to you Steelers fans.

You may find this hard to believe but there are actually some players that do not want to stay in Pittsburgh and play for the Steelers. Jesse James notoriously said on his way out of town that he was tired of being part of “The Kardashians.” Mike Wallace left and so did Emmanuel Sanders. Le’Veon Bell left and Kelvin Beachum departed too. Just this month we saw both Cam Sutton and Robert Spillane go elsewhere. The reasons for these departures vary. Some left for more money while others left for what seemed like better opportunities. Terrell Edmunds signed with the Philadelphia Eagles last week for one year and just $2 million. Last season in Pittsburgh he played on a one-year deal for $2.5 million and then had his best season as a pro. While he wasn’t going to ever command top dollar, most found it very surprising what he ultimately signed for in Philly. Omar Khan confirmed what so many of us have been wondering… Did the Steelers try to match or offer Edmunds a better deal? According to Khan the answer is “yes.” So what it boils down to is that Terrell Edmunds wanted to go somewhere else. It certainly wasn’t for money so why did Edmunds want out? After all, I thought everyone wanted to play for Mike Tomlin… Perhaps Edmunds felt he could better showcase his talents in Philadelphia or maybe he wanted to play for a contender. I certainly can’t blame him for either but his decision, like many before him, confirm that some guys just want out.

Tweet of the Day… I don’t follow baseball the way I did when I was younger but I’ll root for this guy any time.


From the League Meetings

As you may have heard, players in the NFL will now be allowed to wear the number zero. This will apply to all players with the exception of offensive and defensive linemen. The reason for allowing this was to add an extra number as rosters continue to expand. With 53-man rosters and 16-man Practice Squads, it just seemed logical to allow the number… Team President Art Rooney II was asked about the survey in which many players graded the Steelers poorly especially in areas like the Locker Room and Training Room. “Ya know, I haven’t seen the survey,” he said. I believe ARII’s pants are on fire… Among other things, the NFL will also deem tripping a personal foul now.

‘Player Safety’

The owners have also OK’ed teams to play TWO Thursday night games per season which means some will not play any. If a team plays on Thanksgiving, that will not count as a Thursday game either. Commissioner Roger Goodell said the league studied the data and despite player opposition, the two Thursday games was approved. Thankfully, flexing Thursday night games was not approved but I sense it will be eventually. These decisions are further proof that player safety is a joke. The flexing of games is also ridiculous because of how it affects fans who spend hard-earned money to plan trips. This is all about television contracts and money. Period.

Enough Already

Can we please stop with all of these “jersey swaps?” If you aren’t familiar, this is where people use photoshop or some other program to put players in different jerseys. Or they create completely different jerseys in the hope that maybe that’s what the Steelers will wear. One of the beautiful things about the Pittsburgh Steelers is that they remain one of the few teams in the league that doesn’t try to reinvent their uniforms every year. Let’s keep it that way.


It certainly seems like the Baltimore Ravens and Lamar Jackson are through with each other after the latter claims he has requested a trade. With only a small group of teams potentially able to deal for him, things could get very interesting. I would say there are four teams, the Falcons, Commanders, Patriots and Colts that are really the only ones likely to trade for him. I would put the Colts at the top of the Ravens’ wish list simply because of that number four pick in next month’s draft.

Prospect Profiles

We’ve started our NFL Draft Coverage here at SCB and the first of our Position Profiles is out. We’ve made the decision that rather than make extensive profiles of each player, we are doing smaller ones and grouping them by position. This allows us to easier update information as Pro Days and the Combine provide more info.

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