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SCB Steelers Quick Hitters: The “So He Does Exist” Edition

by Steeldad

Good Thursday to You Steelers’ Fans.

After being pretty much invisible for the entire 2018 NFL season Commissioner Roger Goodell gave his ‘State of the League’ address yesterday proving he really does exist. Goodell was as polished as usual as he discussed the major happenings in the NFL. The major topic of course was the non-call in the NFC Title Game and he admitted they blew it. Why couldn’t he have released a statement saying as much ten days ago? Because clearly he’s every bit the politician and lawyer the owners want. I do agree with Goodell that technology will not fix everything. Games do not need to be longer and more reviews and more plays that can be reviewed are not what the NFL needs. Basically yesterday was nothing more than “Hey! I’m still here!” and off to the shadows he went.

I’ll bet this week I’ve heard nearly ten times about how Tom Brady was part of the reason Jimmy Garoppolo was traded. Some talking heads went so far as to say that Brady felt “threatened” by Garoppolo’s presence. I find it interesting that he never gets roasted over this yet Ben Roethlisberger makes a few comments about Mason Rudolph being drafted and these same talking heads lose their minds. Talk about fueling agendas.

Good stuff from Greg here on JuJu’s comments about getting the Steelers right.

Tweet of the Day… You don’t want to know Mike. You don’t want to know….

I know some sites and some fans are ready to move on from the negativity surrounding the Steelers and I agree but it isn’t that easy. We haven’t even gotten to the Combine yet which means the Antonio Brown trade talks really haven’t even started (if we get to that). I wish we didn’t have to discuss this crap either but it’s part of what we cover right now.

Many of the NFL players that do interviews and appearances during Super Bowl week are usually there in part because they are being sponsored by a company. JuJu Smith-Schuster for example is there on behalf of EA Sports/Madden. Saquan Barkley is there repping Old Spice…. The strangest one I’ve seen so far is Stefon Diggs representing Starbucks and Teavana. Didn’t see that coming but apparently he LOVES Starbucks.

Former Steelers’ Coach Bill Cowher was asked his thoughts on Antonio Brown and the Steelers and he didn’t say anything we haven’t heard. He does believe however that the close losses had something to do with it and that whatever problems were there just festered. Can’t say he’s wrong.

Nobody is in tune to the thinking of the Steelers quite like Gerry Dulac is so I think this comment from his chat is very telling. “Me” is a reader by the way.

Me: Any chance AB is back? I hope not but…
Gerry Dulac: I see no chance. Nor should he have a chance

That’s pretty straight-forward. I wouldn’t sell my soul on it but I think it bears serious consideration.

Have a great Steeler Nation!

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