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SCB Steelers Quick Hitters: The “Shell Yeah!” Edition

by Steeldad

Good Wednesday to you Steelers’ Fans.

Pittsburgh Steelers’ Safety Donnie Shell finally got his call to the Hall of Fame this morning. He becomes the tenth member of the great 1970’s teams to gain entry into Canton. Shell played from 1974 through 1987 and was a member on all four of the 1970’s Super Bowl winning teams. He played in 201 games and recorded 51 interceptions during his time in the defensive backfield. He was an All-Pro three times and made five Pro Bowls during his career. Often overlooked because of guys like Mel Blount, Jack Ham and Jack Lambert, Shell was big hitter and terrific tackler getting everything out of his nearly six foot, 190 pound frame. He now joins former Head Coach Bill Cowher as inductees for the 2020 Centennial Class and will likely be joined by Troy Polamalu and hopefully Alan Faneca as well. Art Rooney II suggested earlier this week that his team is likely to be selected to play in the annual Hall of Fame Game during induction weekend. Shell’s time may have taken longer than it should have but he is now exactly where he belongs. Congratulations to him!

The Podcast

We will be covering Shell’s HoF entry as well as a whole lot more on the Steelers tonight when we record the Steel City Blitz Steelers Podcast presented by 26shirts.com/Pittsburgh.

Tweet of the Day… Enough said.


Owners and the Hall of Fame

Former Browns’ and Ravens’ Owner Art Modell did not receive entry into the Hall of Fame today. This of course made Browns’ fans very happy and Ravens’ fans very sad. Modell was the guy who took the Browns from Cleveland and brought football back to Baltimore after the Colts had left in the 1980’s. Pro football is of course a business and if Modell felt it was best for his business to move the team then so be it. My suggestion  is that owners shouldn’t be in the Hall anyway. They have plenty of money… They can build their own shrines.

Oh Canada

There’s a lot of news circulating around Matt Canada being hired by the Steelers. Canada has served in numerous capacities at schools like Indiana, Northern Illinois, LSU, Pitt and most recently Maryland in 2018. Most of his stints have been one to two years with the longest he’s been anywhere being four seasons with the Hoosiers. He has primarily been a QB Coach or Offensive Coordinator and what role he will fill with the Steelers is unclear. He’s known for quick offenses and using tons of different personnel groupings. Stay tuned on this.

Have a great day Steeler Nation!

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