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SCB Steelers Quick Hitters: The ‘Seen This Before’ Edition

by Steeldad

Good Tuesday to you Steelers fans.

For the second time in as many years, the Pittsburgh Steelers have seen one of their most important defensive players go down with an injury. Last year, T.J. Watt tore his pectoral muscle in the opener in Cincinnati before finally returning later in the season. Now Cam Heyward is headed to Injured Reserve with a groin injury that may result in surgery. He’s expected to miss around eight weeks. It’s an eerie reminder of 1995 and 1996 seasons. In ‘95, All-Pro defensive back Rod Woodson tore his ACL in the season opener. A year later, Pro Bowl LB Greg Lloyd tore his patellar tendon in the opener. While Heyward’s injury doesn’t seem as serious as those, it is no less problematic. With the Steelers struggling to stop the run Sunday, being without their best defensive lineman against Nick Chubb and the Browns is a recipe for disaster. Let’s hope we get a few guys that rise to the challenge.


How is it that the Pittsburgh Steelers have yet to have a game in which Matt Canada has called plays where they reached 400 yards or more of total offense?? How is it that when the Steelers use motion on offense 70% of the time it results in a run play? The latter nugget of information is pathetic. High school coaches do a better job of making their offenses less predictable than does Canada yet this is who Mike Tomlin has hitched his wagon too.

Tweet of the Day… This has to change immediately.


Replacing Cam

I have to assume two things will happen. Breiden Fehoko needs to be added to the 53-man roster. Montravious Adams was pushed around way too much while rookie Keeanu Benton had some much more positive moments. I think he gets more snaps Monday night but Fehoko can be used as a nose in certain running situations. I’ve seen some people suggesting the Steelers should trade for Chase Young. Heyward and Young are apples and oranges. Young is exclusively an outside pass rusher while Heyward has much more position flexibility.

Player Grades

I know the Pro Football Focus is the greatest thing since sliced bread but I’m sorry. I don’t need anyone telling me how poorly or how well guys play especially when the people grading don’t know what the player was supposed to do. Without surprise, PFF has graded the Steelers’ O-Line poorly from Sunday. Did you need them to tell you that???

Tomlin Presser

As is always the case, the players are off today and that means Mike Tomlin will hold his weekly press conference. I expect to hear many new and old cliches as he explains just how freaking bad things were on Sunday. This comes up at Noon today on steelers.com.

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