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SCB Steelers Quick Hitters: The “Pickett’s Charge” Edition

by Steeldad
Najee Harris of the Steelers. steelcityblitz.com

Good Tuesday to you Steelers fans.

By this point, you are fully aware that this draft class as it pertains to quarterbacks, is quite underwhelming. This doesn’t suggest that there isn’t talent, it’s just that this group doesn’t possess the same high-level qualities as recent QB draft classes. This could all change five or ten years from now because the reality is that none of us truly know what the future holds. Yesterday, just down the hall from the Pittsburgh Steelers’ facilities, Pitt QB Kenny Pickett made his last charge for the NFL Draft. Understand that these ‘Pro Days’ are scripted. They are meant to highlight a player’s strengths while also showing improvement in other areas. It’s not uncommon to hear that QBs have “perfect” days throwing the ball as there is no rush and no one covering their receivers. By all accounts, Pickett did nothing to make people think less of him. His biggest issue has been his hand size which somehow measured a full 1/4 inch bigger than it did at the NFL Combine. The QB-needy Carolina Panthers actually had Pickett holed a football so they could examine up close how he held the ball. The scene looked similar to when a judge goes over a poodle at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Pickett enters the Draft as the most seasoned QB prospect in terms of experience with Desmond Ridder behind him. No QB is more prepared to step in as a rookie and take legitimate snaps than is Pickett. But most agree that he’s near his ceiling while players like Malik Willis have a long way to go but the ‘potential’ is off the charts. I know many loyal Pitt fans desperately want to see Pickett in Black and Gold next year but it really isn’t the Steelers’ way. They prefer the guy’s with the high ceilings who they can coach and mold. This doesn’t mean Pickett won’t be a Steeler. I just find it unlikely and that has little to do with his accomplishments and more to do with the Steelers.

Tweet of the Day… In case you wondered what the former Steelers’ guard was up to today.

Draft Love

Last year, the Steelers and Mike Tomlin in particular made no bones about the fact that they loved Najee Harris. For many, this all seemed too perfect for it to actually happen. After all, the team desperately needed a running back and he was the best one available. But… So often in the past the Steelers have led us to believe one thing and then did something completely different. Last year was very much an anomaly if you will in terms of how the Steelers do business in the Draft. If there is any player that Tomlin seems to be “in love” with it might Georgia’s Jordan Davis (with Malik Willis a close second). Davis is the massive, yet highly athletic defensive lineman from Georgia. He’s a magnificent run stopper with exceptional speed and quickness for a man his size. If there is any knock on him it’s that his numbers aren’t great as a pass rusher but that can be worked on for sure. My point in mentioning all of this is that it’s easy for all of us to become enamored with who the Steelers like. I admit, if Davis is there at 20, I can’t see us passing on him, but the team has done us this way before so be prepared.

Pro Day Primer

Today is the Pro day for several schools including Liberty, Mississippi State and Texas A&M. I suspect we’ll see the Tomlin-Colbert duo at Liberty with the rest of the scouting crew and coaches spread out among the others. Let’s put it this way, if Colbert and Tomlin aren’t at Liberty I would be shocked.


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