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SCB Steelers Quick Hitters: The “Off the Top Rope” Edition

by Steeldad

Good Tuesday to you Steelers fans.

We all need to accept the fact that drama is now very much a part of our Pittsburgh Steelers. The honest truth is that the organization, for all its wonderful qualities, has never really been “drama-free” to being with. In the age of social media and everyone in a “I need to know and be entertained NOW” culture, there is no shortage of people willing to provide you with said drama. Yesterday afternoon, Pittsburgh’s version of tabloid journalism said on his radio show that T.J. Watt had skipped his exit interview and told the team to “Send his stuff to Wisconsin.” Despite Watt putting the following statement out on Twitter, the radio host stood by his claims citing a source.

OK, Watt’s tweet seems pretty concrete to me. But let’s for a moment believe that Watt did in fact skip his exit interview. You know who else skipped exit interviews? James Harrison. The radio personality, who I shall not name because that’s exactly what he wants, doesn’t care. My guess is that Watt has not gone on his show and therefore the host has yet another ax to grind with a Steelers’ player. I have a pretty good idea of who his source is and if accurate, you’d wouldn’t be surprised. But who are you going to believe here? A guy who plays his ass off week in and week out or a guy who SITS on his ass week in and week out? If any Steeler had a right to be pissed off and stomp his way out of Heinz Field following the loss to Cleveland it was Watt. My point with all of this is that there are media people in every pro sports city in America who love to create drama. Because they aren’t given actual access to the team or because they have grudges, they go down this path to accomplish two things. One is to make themselves relevant and two is create news whether it be true or not. The whole thing is pretty sad if you ask me. Either way, Watt came off the top rope and it was glorious.

We Have an OC

The Steelers made it official yesterday by formally announcing Matt Canada as the new Offensive Coordinator. I’m sure he’s already been told he sucks by a significant percentage of Steelers’ fans but I digress. Canada’s offense relies on movement, motion and misdirection. Players like Diontae Johnson should absolutely thrive. I think you’ll also see a much different running attack and decent variations to the passing game as well. I do not believe any conclusions can be drawn about the future of Ben Roethlisberger with this announcement. Big Ben isn’t exactly the prototype for Canada’s offense but that doesn’t mean he can’t do positive things with it.

And We Have a Tight Ends Coach

Alfredo Roberts was named the Steelers’ new tight ends coach yesterday and he brings a lot of coaching experience with him. He spent a few seasons in the NFL from 1988 through 1993 with the Kansas City Chiefs and Dallas Cowboys. His coaching career began in 1999 and has taken him through the high school, college and professional ranks. He most recently served as TE/RB Coach for the Los Angeles Chargers.

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Have a great day Steeler Nation!

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