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SCB Steelers Quick Hitters: The “Maturity” Edition

by Steeldad
Bush of the Steelers. steelcityblitz.com

Good Tuesday to you Steelers fans.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are well-known for targeting young players in the first round of the NFL Draft. This year, when they drafted Najee Harris, was a rare exception. The idea behind drafting a player who is younger is that you can mold them and teach them and when that second contract comes around they are still relatively young. The risk with this however involves an overall lack of maturity. The Steelers are dealing with this right now with Chase Claypool and Devin Bush as well. Maturity isn’t for everyone. I’m pretty sure I act more like a 14-year old than I do my actual age most of the the time but I digress… There are always levels of maturity that teams can handle like saying something dumb or posting something dumb on social media as Bush did earlier this year. Then you have the type of immaturity displayed by Chase Claypool which arguably affected the outcome of a game. To be fair, most of us have not had to show our personal growth in front of live cameras, but at what point do these two finally get the message? No one is suggesting that they have to be saints. Ben Roethlisberger had very public issues with his lack of maturity early on and he grew as a person. Those calling for Claypool to be released are nuts. Give the young man an opportunity to see himself and to improve on his own. If he doesn’t, then he will be elsewhere and the same applies to Bush but his case is a bit different. His overall play has been poor and when what you do on the field becomes intolerable it just makes what you do or say off of it that much more magnified. The bottom line here is that these two have some maturing to do but it doesn’t mean we outright give up on them.

Tomlin Tuesday

Today’s presser should certainly be interesting. With the AFC South-leading Tennessee Titans coming in on Sunday, Tomlin knows the significance of the game and the games ahead. He will not sugar-coat it, nor should he. I’m hoping someone asks him about using the no huddle offense earlier in the game. At this point, what does the team and the reporter have to lose?

Tweet of the Day… From the great Dave DiCello.

The Remaining Schedules

So you think Pittsburgh has the toughest road to hoe in its’ quest for a postseason berth? You could be right but others have arguments.

Steelers: TEN (9-4) @KC (9-4) CLE (7-6) @BAL (8-5) = 33-19

Ravens: GB (10-3) @CIN (7-6) LA Rams (9-4) PIT (6-6-1) = 32-19-1

Browns: LVR (6-7) @GB (10-3) @PIT (6-6-1) CIN (7-6) = 29-22-1

Bengals: @DEN (7-6) BAL (8-5) KC (9-4) @CLE (7-6) = 31-21

In terms of records, it’s a wash as far as I’m concerned. The Ravens carry the advantage of having three of their final four at home where they are 5-1 this year… Pittsburgh and Cleveland each close with two divisional games, one against each other… If you think you know where these teams are going to finish then let me know your secret because this is going down to the wire and it won’t be pretty.

Pro Bowl

Voting for the 2022 NFL Pro Bowl is now underway. You can vote for all of your favorite Steelers by clicking this link right here. I’m of the opinion that Chris Boswell, Cam Heyward, Diontae Johnson and T.J. Watt should 100% be on their way to this game.

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