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SCB Steelers Quick Hitters: The “Issue at Tight End” Edition

by Steeldad
Big Ben

Good Monday to you Steelers’ Fans!

I realize it’s very easy for me to have opinions on the Steelers. I’m not affiliated with them so if I disagree about an issue there’s no repercussion. That’s probably not the same for those who work directly for the team. Bob Labriola has worked for the team a long time and I think he does an excellent job of calling things like he sees them. Being honest about the very organization that employs him is tough however and Labriola’s recent reply to a question in his “Asked and Answered” column provided some proof of this. The question referred to the Steelers’ lack of depth at tight end and Labriola claims that fans and people like myself are exaggerating things. He had obvious praise for Vance McDonald but had surprising confidence in Xavier Grimble as his backup. While McDonald had an excellent year in 2018, that doesn’t take away from the fact he missed a lot of camp and much of the previous season due to injuries. Should he go down, I have to believe Labriola is towing the company line when he expressed his confidence in him. Grimble is not the blocker a number two tight end has to be which in turn means he isn’t what a number one tight end should be either. Labriola also cites the drafting of Zach Gentry as a reason not to be concerned about the issues at the tight end position. Again, I can’t agree here. As a fifth round selection, Gentry will either make the roster or be on the practice squad at worst. But unless his blocking, route-running and catching all improve significantly I don’t see him being much of a contributor in his rookie campaign. Should the Steelers stand pat through Camp then I’ll tip my hat to Bob on this one. I’ll also be stunned if they don’t add a veteran at some point.

Tweet of the Day… Another reason to love Cam Heyward. The man can laugh at himself! We should all be able to do this.

Chris Boswell posted a video to Instagram yesterday of himself knocking some kicks through the uprights. He appeared to be a high school field or practice field. I speak for all Steelers’ fans when I say we want Boswell to have a great 2019 season. My concern is that posting something like this probably isn’t the best idea. Why? Because it will only draw in the negative comments. Fans will try to out-do each other by finding something to rip on.

There was an epic final match at Wimbledon yesterday where Novak Djokavic defeated Roger Federer in a fifth set tie-breaker. This was the first time the new “tie-breaker” rule was put to use and I for one hate it. A major part of any sport is conditioning and stamina. It drives me crazy in soccer where teams play a couple of extra time periods and then settle things on penalty kicks. Does that really determine who is truly the best team? These contests should be played out to their end exactly how they play during the majority of the contest. Can you imagine an NFL playoff game going two overtimes then deciding things on who is the first to miss a field goal from 50 yards? The fans were robbed yesterday of watching two players go to the bitter end. Ya, maybe that’s old school thinking but I’m not changing my mind on this one.

The Steelers report to Training Camp ten days from today. if you’re going let us know! If you’re a photographer let us know that too! We’d love to feature your photos on our site. Hit me up at contactscblitz@gmail.com for more info.

Have a great day Steeler Nation!

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