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SCB Steelers Quick Hitters: The “Hot Corner” Edition

by Steeldad
Pierre of the Steelers. steelcityblitz.com

Good Wednesday to you Steelers fans.

There’s an old saying about quarterbacks. When you’ve got two good ones then you actually have none. This means that both QBs are “good” but neither is “good enough” to be the clear-cut starter. The more I look at the cornerback depth of the Pittsburgh Steelers the more I feel like the situation presented above. With Joe Haden gone and Levi Wallace brought in, the Steelers really don’t have a clear cut number one corner. Wallace was a number two in Buffalo across from Tre’Davious White while the current Steelers offer up Cam Sutton and Ahkello Witherspoon. I would have a hard time buying any argument that suggests any of these guys is a true number one cornerback. We know what Sutton offers. He’s durable, good against the run and is a decent cover guy. Witherspoon, once he got on the field, got better each week. His speed and length caused problems for opposing receivers. In the wings are Justin Layne, James Pierre and a host of others. Arthur Maulet is going to be your nickel corner in case you thought I forgot him. With all of this in mind, does it matter? Do the Steelers have to have a true number one corner? I would argue that in Joe Haden’s final season he wasn’t exactly a number one any longer. That doesn’t mean he didn’t make plays but let’s be honest, he lost a step and that may be why he didn’t get an offer to return. If Witherspoon continues to improve and Wallace is as solid as he’s been then maybe not having a number one CB isn’t as big of a deal. The other way of looking at this of course is that maybe this is just a handful of guys who are decent, but not great… And if the front seven can’t get to the QB it’s going to be a long season. I’ll choose optimism right now mostly because it’s June. Let’s see where we are in October.

Tweet of the Day… I tend to agree.

Training Camp

You may have seen that attending Camp in Latrobe is still free of charge but you must have tickets to get in. Not a huge thing but I wonder how many people will reserve tickets for multiple days but will only attend one. I’m hoping these folks make sure those tickets get into the hands of fans who would like to go.

Training Camp Part 2

If you’ve never been to St. Vincent College then you need to understand that this is almost a religious pilgrimage for some. Not having been there in three years due to the pandemic will only make being there that much more special. If you go, be respectful of the grounds and the people who call St. Vincent home. Keep in mind that in August, it will be hot and down in the valley there it gets humid too. Be prepared to sweat!

Harris vs Bell

I received a text yesterday from a friend who was in the midst of a debate with someone over who was better at this stage, Najee Harris or Le’Veon Bell. My opinion is this… Harris is a better running back. Bell’s style behind last year’s offensive line would have led to ugly results. As a receiver, Bell was superior. Whether out of the backfield, the slot or out wide, he was a threat. Harris can catch the ball, no doubt about it but he isn’t at the level Bell was. As a pass protector, both are very good so I’ll it a wash despite some probably leaning towards Bell. The most important thing here is to be open-minded. Don’t be blinded because Harris has been a great guy and Bell had his issues. This is about ‘on the field’ performance.

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