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SCB Steelers Quick Hitters: The “Goin’ Deep” Edition

by Steeldad
Roethlisberger of the Steelers. steelcityblitz.com

Good Tuesday to you Steelers fans.

As many of you already know my favorite Pittsburgh Steeler is Terry Bradshaw. He was literally the first player I remember seeing as a kid. The black and gold jersey and pants, that cannon for an arm and the blonde hair coming from under the back of his helmet. For whatever reason he was the reason I became a Pittsburgh Steelers fan. The older I got the more I learned about Bradshaw. I read his books and saw his interviews and saw him in those Burt Reynolds movies. Unfortunately I learned a lot about him that wasn’t all that great. He struggled his first few years as a QB spending a lot of time on the bench. He didn’t have a good relationship with his coach, Chuck Noll and he seemed to be just plain goofy. In retrospect, I’m glad he was my favorite. He helped me learn that our heroes aren’t always perfect – they are who they are – which is exactly who he is. If you haven’t had a chance to see his special on HBO Max I highly recommend it. He dives deep into his highs and lows as a player and as a person and while most of the information I knew, it was still a unique setting for him to share as much as did. Now in his 70’s, Bradshaw seems to have found himself a place in the world that he’s happy with and that’s not something he could have said during his career. “Goin’ Deep” is a must see for any Steelers’ fan.

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The Journalism Issue

There was a time when journalists wrote and reported on the news. Opinion columnists we’re the ones who shared opinions on the news. It seems today that more and more reporters are doing less reporting and instead are giving their own opinions on what they report. There are a few that “report” on the Steelers that fall into this category. You probably know who they are and frankly, I’m kind of tired of their schtick. Either report or opine. Don’t do both.

We Need to Chill

It has been less than a month since our season ended. Ben Roethlisberger has formally retired and already fans are losing their minds over who will play quarterback in 2022. The first thing we all need to understand is that this team has significant holes that won’t be filled by a single QB regardless of how good he may be. The offensive and defensive lines need fixing. The inside linebacker corps is a mess and the secondary is far from settled. Free agency and the draft will help those situations but we would have to be dreaming to believe that everything will be taken care of in one offseason. As for the quarterback, the Steelers aren’t likely to trade for Jimmy Garoppolo unless the 49ers pick up a massive amount of his salary. Do we really want to hamper ourselves so soon after getting rid of a big QB contract? Also, lets’ not pretend this rookie QB class is special because it isn’t. Kenny Pickett is the most “ready” but his game has concerns. Malik Willis has a cannon but his accuracy is a huge problem. I understand none of us old guys want to see a return to the 1980’s post Bradshaw years but we also don’t want to grab for every piece of low-hanging fruit thinking it’s gold either. Chill out everyone, we’ll be fine.

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