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SCB Steelers Quick Hitters: The “Empty Seats” Edition

by Steeldad

Good Friday to you Steelers fans.

Those beautiful gold and gray seats in Heinz Field will be empty at least through the first month of the season due to the current pandemic. The Pittsburgh Steelers are currently scheduled to have two home games (The Pitt Panthers three) but fans will not be allowed according to the Steelers and other numerous reports. I think I speak for the vast majority of you when I say I’m disappointed but… having football to watch is still something that we all want and need at this time. Nothing changes for our Steelers. The goal is still the same; win games and get to the Super Bowl.

No Field Advantage

With no fans at least for the first two home games at Heinz, the Steelers will definitely suffer. There will be no Terrible Towel Twirl to open the game and even if they play “Renegade,” it won’t be the same. Home field advantages are not what they used to be in the NFL but now – for a brief time at least – they won’t even matter. It’s gonna be weird that’s for damn sure.

Tweet of the Day… This is pretty cool.

The Cam Situation

If this were any other year, I honestly believe that Cam Heyward and the Steelers would have come to an agreement by now on a contract extension that likely would have made Heyward a “Steeler for Life.” Unfortunately this is not “any other year.” What we need to understand is that the salary cap is headed for hell. I don’t mean a “virtual” hell, I mean a literal hell. Teams are losing massive amounts of money and that will affect next year’s cap. It is anticipated that the cap will be somewhere around $175 million. This year the cap is just shy of $200 million. That means teams will have to do some serious slashing and you’re going to see a lot of really good players get released across the league. Because of all of this, plus a pending mega-deal for T.J. Watt, there just isn’t money right now to pay Cam Heyward what he deserves. It’s a hard and really crappy truth right now to swallow but this is where we are. I’m hopeful something gets done before kickoff against the Giants but I’m also realistic of what is going on too.

That “Other” Rookie

Rightfully so, a lot of attention has paid to Steelers’ Rookie WR Chase Claypool. He’s an impressive guy and has had a very nice Training Camp to this point so far. As is often the case, other rookies sometimes don’t get as much attention or fanfare for any number of reasons but that doesn’t mean they aren’t doing good things. Outside Linebacker Alex Highsmith has been having a very nice and productive camp so far. Several veteran players have commented on his progress and have been very impressed with everything from skill set to work ethic. With Bud Dupree very much playing somewhere else in 2021, Highsmith’s presence will be very much needed.

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Have a great day Steeler Nation!

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