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SCB Steelers Quick Hitters: The ‘Deep Breath’ Edition

by Steeldad

Good Tuesday to you Steelers fans.

I was compelled to write last evening about what a mess this entire organization is right now and that’s something we just aren’t used to but it needed to be said. Today, with 48 hours now to process the events of Sunday, it’s time to take a deep breath. That isn’t going to solve anything or suddenly make Matt Canada or Teryl Austin do a complete 180 but it’s necessary. Today, Mike Tomlin will be pressed, or as much as any of the media can actually do so, about the changes Tomlin said he was open to. Tomlin is the head coach and can ultimately do whatever the hell he wants to but he won’t do himself any favors if no changes are made. Will he announce them today? Unlikely because he doesn’t want to tip off this week’s opponent. Not that it would matter a whole lot… The first order is to get healthy. Cam Sutton, Levi Wallace, Pat Freiermuth, Larry Ogunjobi among others need to be on the field and that’s far easier said than done. For now Steelers fans just take a deep breath and remember, you still have 12 more games of this.

Tweet of the Day… If you get it, you get it.



It’s amazing to me the number of people who can’t look at things objectively when it comes to individual players. Is it so hard to put aside your favoritism and admit that the player isn’t playing well? Najee Harris isn’t playing well. Yes, he might be hurt and I appreciate him playing through it but at what point does he become a liability? I’d say we are darn close to that, but some fans can’t handle that because they want to push their narrative about how much they love a certain player. You can’t be taken seriously if you can’t be realistic about players.

Trade Bait

The trade deadline in the NFL is week eight. That isn’t a lot of time for teams considering moves to improve their rosters seeing as we are now on to week six. Omar Khan has some choices to make. If the Steelers lose Sunday, I see ZERO reason not to offer some players to other teams who are not in the AFC North. Its very un-Steeler-like to do but if you know certain guys are no longer in your plans then why not get something for them? Diontae Johnson was signed for a very friendly $18 million. Would Khan float him out there? Chase Claypool isn’t getting a second contract so why not offer him up? Adding players in an attempt to make the postseason seems foolish at this point. Could the Steelers turn things around? Sure, but the likelihood seems slim.

Around the League…

The NFL is in panic mode after the issues with Tua Tagovailoa in recent weeks. Look no further than two absolutely egregious ‘roughing the passer’ calls on Sunday and Monday night. It’s only a matter of time before hitting the QB is either not allowed or they’ll put flags on them…. The shine is off of the Bengals. The curse of the Super Bowl loser seems to be in full effect with them as they are now 2-3… Matt Rhule is officially the first coach fired this year. Had the Chargers lost to Cleveland I have to imagine that Brandon Staley would have been darn close. His decision to go for it on fourth and short at mid-field, which failed, should have cost him had the Browns not missed the field goal…  Do you ever just watch the Kansas City Chiefs offense and wonder? They have so much pre-snap movement that keeps the defense constantly on its toes. I thought that’s what we were supposed to have?

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