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SCB Steelers Quick Hitters: The “Code Browns” Edition

by Steeldad
Bush of the Steelers. steelcityblitz.com

Good Thursday to you Steelers fans.

All fan bases like to have fun at the expense of others. When it comes to rival fan bases however, things often get downright nasty and there isn’t one that can say it doesn’t have its’ collection of complete jerks. Yes, even we Steelers’ fans can act every bit as awful as Browns or Ravens’ fans. You know it’s true so just embrace it. Since 2010, Steelers Nation has had to endure a lot from fans of the Cleveland Browns especially in regards to Ben Roethlisberger. Because their success on the field against him was almost zero, they had to turn their attention to his personal problems which led to his suspension. For years, Steelers’ fans were inundated with our QB being called a “rapist” among other things but now we see how the tide has turned. The Browns decided to sign Deshaun Watson, the talented but extremely troubled QB to a contract that guarantees him over $200 million. The going theory was that Watson would be suspended four six or eight games for conduct detrimental to the League. But now after a New York Times article that has blown the whole thing open, there are serious questions about whether he’ll see the field anytime in the next few seasons. And you know who couldn’t be happier about this? Steelers’ fans. Because now they can turn their revenge against those Browns’ fans who taunted them for years. But let’s not forget a couple of things here. There are plenty, and I mean PLENTY, of Steelers’ fans who openly advocated for the Black and Gold to trade for Watson. They too have a reckoning of sorts to deal with as Watson’s star fades. Also, this is a perfect example of how quickly the tide can turn so keep that in mind too. Personally, I don’t get caught up in all of the smack talking. I read everything there was to read on Big Ben’s allegations and I know the truth. I’ve read everything there’s been on Watson’s allegations as well and the truth seems to be coming into focus. My entire point here is that karma is a bitch and that selling your soul for long sought after championships isn’t always worth it.

The Podcast

We’ll be recording the latest edition of the SCB Steelers Podcast presented by DEK Roofing Inc of South Florida later this evening. We will cover all the latest from Mini-Camp, dive into the latest contract issues and discuss how the Watson case may affect the Browns and the rest of the AFC North. Plus I’m sure there will be a lot more!

Tweet of the Day… Since we’re on the topic today. How fitting would it be if they NEED Baker?


There are many things that can be said about Devin Bush especially since his return from ACL surgery and most of them aren’t good. Merrill Hoge destroyed him on the radio recently while others believe he’ll return to his rookie season form this year but with reservations. First of all, nothing can be gleaned from OTAs and mini-camp. You can see athleticism and that’s about it. Once Camp starts and the preseason begins then evaluations will be easier. Also keep in mind that while many Steelers’ coaches sing his praises, they didn’t offer him his fifth-year option so clearly there is concern.

Random Thoughts From Around the NFL

Now that the Denver Broncos are being purchased by a member of Wal-Mart’s family, will they pass the savings along to fans? You know? Maybe feature ‘Great Value’ brands in the concession areas? Don’t hold your breath… I have no problem with Jack Del Rio’s opinion on politics. It’s his right to believe as he chooses. I do question however why in the hell it would even be brought up in the first place at mini-camp… I see no way the LA Rams aren’t headed for the worst type of salary cap hell after giving both Aaron Donald and Cooper Kupp big raises this week… Or maybe the salary cap is a myth?

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