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SCB Steelers Quick Hitters: The ‘Busy Body’ Edition

by Steeldad

Good Wednesday to you Steelers fans.

As one of the longest tenured coaches in the National Football League you would think that Mike Tomlin would be a little more relaxed and more stationary when attending Senior Bowl activities. That couldn’t be further from the truth. With some of his assistants acting as coaches for the week, Tomlin was a real busy body moving from one position group to another. If you’re looking for a definitive call on what group he seemed to ‘focus on the most,’ you won’t find it here. It’s way too early for that. He did after-all spend way too much time watching punters so take that for what it’s worth. As anyone who follows the Steelers closely knows, Mike Tomlin loves the grind. He absolutely loves this process of evaluating young men ahead of the NFL Draft. So to see him on the move like a kid in a candy store was not surprising at all.

Tweet of the Day… I’ll believe it when I no longer see him playing.


Observations From the Senior Bowl

If you want to draw any conclusions from Tomlin’s busy day then go ahead and draw one straight to the offensive and defensive lines. With upgrades needed on his offensive line and his defensive line, it was no surprise he spent a lot of time there. Dawand Jones, the 6’8″ 350lbs right tackle from Ohio State looked pretty solid. His measurements were literally off the charts in almost ever category and he did nothing to hurt himself ahead of the Draft… As always, there were receivers making plays. Justin Shorter of Florida who started his career at Penn State is a big-play kind of guy who flashed his skills on a couple of catches… Jake Bobo is an interesting receiver. He played at Duke for four years before finishing his career at UCLA. He has some serious size at 6’5″ and uses it well. Seems like a nice Red Zone type of threat… Not real impressed with any of the QBs at the Senior Bowl this year. TCU’s Max Duggan is the most intriguing based on his past season. Some guys are just ‘gamers’ and he appears to be one but his overall accuracy is a problem.

The ‘Other’ Cam

The top 50 free agents list was put yesterday and the only Steelers’ player on that list was Cam Sutton. This isn’t overly surprising but it does of course bring up just how far will the Steelers go to sign him? He’s smart and has shown some solid skills both on the boundary and in the slot. I don’t there’s any question Mike Tomlin would like him to return. I do believe however that his services will be in demand and will that price him out of the Steelers’ plans? We know there needs to be a complete overhaul at the cornerback position but I don’t think they want to start from scratch either so this will be intriguing.

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