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SCB Steelers Quick Hitters: The “Bus Speaks” Edition

by Steeldad

Good Tuesday to you Steelers’ Fans.

Jerome Bettis was a guest on the “Dan Patrick Show” this morning and inevitably the question came about ‘why weren’t the Steelers at the Super Bowl?’ Bus said, “The dysfunction starts at the top.” He went on to say that this didn’t mean just Mike Tomlin but even higher than that and he’s correct. There has to be some blame placed at the feet of both Kevin Colbert and Art Rooney II. As I said yesterday, allowing Antonio Brown to have an off-site dwelling away from his teammates at training camp is just one example of the guilt they should bear. Bus also went on to say that Bill Cowher would have handled this differently. While he gave his players a lot of leeway in terms of the locker room, Bettis said that players always knew that the buck stopped with Cowher. He said the same couldn’t be said of Tomlin. This will undoubtedly lead to more of the “Cowher vs Tomlin” debates we’ve grown tired of but at the same time, there’s some truth in his words. Tomlin rightfully gave grown men the right to police their own behavior and they failed him. Unfortunately that falls back on Tomlin right or wrong.

Sounds like JuJu Smith-Schuster’s knee is OK after he bruised it during the Pro Bowl on Sunday. Did I mention that I hate the Pro Bowl?

Tweet of the Day… This is too damn good not to use today.

We are now more than four weeks out since Antonio Brown left his teammates hanging. It’s also been that long since he’s spoken to his coach and boss. AB continues to act childishly by ‘liking’ or ‘retweeting’ anything that casts him in a good light and his quarterback or team in a bad one. I do not see reconciliation at this point. I continue to ask myself, “How could any teammate ever look at him the same?” Time often heals but I don’t know if the scars from this will ever go away.

If Ramon Foster really wants big money in free agency from the Steelers then I just can’t see it happening. He’s a been a terrific player and outstanding Steeler but there’s no way at age 33 that the Steelers will give him big money. I’ve been wrong before but not here.

With Matt Feiler, Jerald Hawkins and Chuks Okorafor in the fold I see no reason why Marcus Gilbert comes back. The possibility exists that Feiler could slide back down to guard then Hawkins and Chuks could take over at right tackle/swing tackle spots but I just don’t see Gilbert back with his current run of injury issues.

Have a great day Steeler Nation and stay warm if necessary!

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