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SCB Steelers Quick Hitters: The “Back to .500” Edition

by Steeldad

Good Monday to you Steelers’ fans.

Mike Tomlin will never apologize for a win and neither will I. The Pittsburgh Steelers needed a severely hooked field goal attempt by future Hall of Famer Adam Vinatieri to survive the Indianapolis Colts 26-24. The win is e third straight for the Black and Gold as they reach .500 for the first time this season. Here are my thoughts on the win.

Offensive Thoughts

-Randy Fichtner’s Red Zone play calling was part atrocious. So too was the execution of those plays called by the players. It sure looked however like the Colts found the same pattern I did which went something like “pass, run, hope.” Some of that was just poor decision-making by Mason Rudolph and some was just good defense by the Colts.

-Jaylen Samuels has to have slept well after catching 13 passes and rushing 8 times. The poor kid hadn’t played in a month.

-I’ve said this before and I’ll continue to say it; the Steelers’ offensive line is good but it lacks ‘push.’ When the offense needs a yard or two it is never easy. In fact, in recent years they have struggled to gain that yard or two and it continues to this day. As athletic as it is the OL just doesn’t assert itself in short yardage situations and that’s got to change.

-How about James Washington with four receptions? Three of them were sensational grabs that came at very key moments of the game. While Diontae Johnson continues impress Washington is making very positive strides.

-Patience is the only word I can think of to describe the fans’ approach towards Mason Rudolph. I get the feeling many fans think he’s supposed to just throw for three TDs and 300 yards every week. The fact is he still making his way as a starting QB. Several times yesterday he held the ball way too long which is ironically something Ben Roethlisberger is often accused of doing. The difference is that Rudolph has to know when he can get away with that and when he can’t. The safety he surrendered was a perfect illustration. When you’re throwing from your own end zone you have to know that clock in your head will tick faster. It’s all part of the process for Rudolph.

Tweet of the Day…

Defensive Thoughts

-Let’s understand first that Brian Hoyer isn’t your typical backup. He’s a seasoned veteran who has seen it all over ten years in the league. That said, I thought the Steelers’ D gave up way too much to him and the Colts offense which was already playing with without T.Y. Hilton.

-Yesterday was the first time in awhile that I saw some issues in the secondary. Mike Hilton is a great blitzer but he continues to struggle in coverage. Devin Bush also got beat for a touchdown as he bit hard on a fake from Jack Doyle. These things happen but what was troubling is that there were no safeties to be found over the top.

-The Colts O-Line did a pretty good job yesterday despite the Steelers still picking up five sacks. The Steelers were not able to get to the QB with just four so Keith Butler started bringing an extra blitzer or two.

-Bud Dupree may have played his best game as a Steeler yesterday. He recorded two sacks and a forced fumble and was a menace most of the day. He’s really making me wonder about his future in Pittsburgh. He and T.J. Watt are creating serious problems for teams on their edges.

-Not much I can say about Minkah Fitzpatrick that hasn’t already been said. Unreal.

-Did you see Cam Heyward literally shove Quenton Nelson back into Jacoby Brissett causing his knee injury? Nelson is 330 lbs and Heyward moved him like a 50 lb tackling dummy.

-Despite reports to the contrary, Joe Haden is not playing poorly. I do not understand how someone could come to that conclusion unless they do understand cornerback play and defensive schemes. Because the Steelers often employ zone, Haden is usually ‘off’ the receiver. Just because the guy makes the catch doesn’t mean it is Haden’s fault. Sometimes the expectation is that the front seven will get home before the throw ever comes out. I’m totally fine with how Haden is playing right now.

Other Thoughts…

-There were three pass interference calls that were challenged yesterday. Two by Mike Tomlin and one by Frank Reich. All three were NOT overturned. At this point I see it as a complete waste of a challenge and a timeout to even consider using the challenge.

-T.J. Watt was flagged for roughing the passer yesterday when he was blocked into the QB well after the ball was gone. Brian Hoyer didn’t even fall down. I’m at an all-time loss for what to say with this crap.

-Hat tip to the field crew at Heinz Field because Adam Vinatieri not only had to deal with the laces facing his foot but he chili-dipped his kicking foot when his plant foot didn’t catch.

-The Ravens have always played the Patriots better than we have is. It’s a fact. Their win last night doesn’t mean a whole lot to me. If the Steelers were ever going to get back into the race it would be on them not other teams.

-Another great day for Chris Boswell but what in the hell is wrong with our kickoff coverage teams? The Colts were routinely starting drives at the 30 or 35 yard line.

-Very nice effort from Trey Edmunds yesterday. I think he gives the Steelers some options in terms of a security blanket moving forward. That said, he missed some big gains yesterday by not hitting the hole. He has a tendency to jump inside or out a bit too much.

-Good to see Vance McDonald get involved. Way overdue!

Have a great Victory Monday Steeler Nation!

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