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SCB Steelers Quick Hitters: The ‘Are You Surprised?’ Edition

by Steeldad

Good Tuesday to you Steelers fans.

Perhaps it’s my old age but I don’t understand how fans can get so upset by decisions the National Football League owners make. I mean, were any of you really surprised that the owners voted to flex more Thursday night games yesterday? More specifically, weeks 14 through 18 can now be flexed but we’re told teams must be given 28 days notice if their games are flexed. [Warning: Significant sarcasm coming] Isn’t that nice of Commissioner Roger Goodell and the owners? I’m sure Jim or Julie from Nevada, who have planned to come to Pittsburgh for months with their kids, are just thrilled to know the Steelers’ week 14 Thursday Night game against New England has been moved to Sunday. All they’ve been doing is saving up their money for months and months to be able to take this once-in-a-lifetime trip to Pittsburgh to see their favorite team play! [OK, sarcasm over for now]… Look, the owners didn’t get rich by being bad at business. They recognize where the bulk of their money comes from so do I understand it? Yeah, I do but that doesn’t mean I can’t be pissed off by it. Live sporting events are to the point where only the wealthy can attend. Otherwise, a working class person has to make a dream trip out of going and that often takes a lot of saving an planning. I was very proud to see the Steelers were one of eight franchises to vote against the proposal. Art Rooney II may be different from his father and grandfather but at least he still understands the importance of fans at games. More importantly, he understands the sacrifices that are often made by those fans to attend games. This isn’t the first time – and it sure won’t be the last – that owners put profits ahead of fans or players. But be honest, does this really surprise you?

Tweet of the Day… Since I’m already ripping the League I’ll continue. This is just another effort to get more games played overseas. Perhaps… even to get franchises overseas as well. Player safety? Give me a damn break.

The Third QB rule

We knew this was coming after the 49ers had their mess in the NFC Title Game. The rule states that a third QB must be part of the 53-man roster. They can only play if the first two QBs are hurt or disqualified (ejected). If the third QB is designated for emergency duty, he won’t count against the 46-man gameday roster. This is essentially a 47th player.

Fair Catch

A vote is expected today on whether a kickoff that is fair caught will be placed at the 25-yard line. According to Tom Pelissero, the vast majority of Special Teams Coaches around the NFL oppose this and I tend to agree with them. If I have a kicker who is really accurate and can routinely put the ball inside the five or into a corner short of the end zone, this rule eliminate that skill. Returners could just make a fair catch and the ball moves to the 25 yard line.

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