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Rapid-Fire Thoughts on an Ugly, But Huge Win Over Cleveland

by Steeldad

The Pittsburgh Steelers collected their first win of the 2023 season beating the Cleveland Browns 26-22. They did so on the back of two defensive touchdowns meaning the offense has a long way to go. Here are my rapid-fire thoughts as the game unfurled.


-Kenny Pickett is struggling to throw the slant route. He just can’t get it far enough in front of the receiver. This led to an early miss then an interception. The skinny post he seems much better with for some reason.

-Terrible motion call on Chuks Okorafor. Browns’ D was clearly in the neutral zone.

-Gunner Olszewski sucks. Period end of report. Calvin Austin III deserves to get more snaps.

-First and 10 at CLE 40. Got six yards and settled for a 52-yard FG. Brutal.

-Late in the third quarter the Steelers got the running game going and reached the Cleveland 40. And then Matt Canada called an end around which was immediately blown up. The drive stalled.

-I honestly don’t know how to explain the running back situation. It starts up front where the O-Line just isn’t getting it done. Najee Harris and Jaylen Warren each have their moments but both have found it difficult to find positive yardage.

-Third down and short with a chance to put the game away and Matt Canada calls a QB keep off of a long play-action fake. I just don’t understand how this man remains employed.

-Tonight was a perfect example of why you have to get George Pickens the ball in space. He isn’t just a “go” route kind of guy. His first career 100 yard receiving game and a score. Well done kid.

-Through two games, this offensive line hasn’t come together yet. I’m not saying it will but it has to get better than what it’s shown doesn’t it? There isn’t one guy who can look in the mirror and can say “I’m playing well.”

-Could we possibly throw the ball to Darnell Washington once in awhile? I mean, the dude is only like 6’7″ with hands like catcher’s mitts. I don’t get it.

-255 total yards by this offense. We are going to find out some things next week because we’ve opened the season with two of the top defenses in the NFL. Now we go to Vegas where the defense isn’t nearly as good.


-Can’t have a much better start than a pick-six. Congrats Alex Highsmith!

-Minkah Fitzpatrick came out hot with 5 tackles and a pass breakup in the first 10 minutes.  He left in the third quarter with a chest injury.

-Way too many yards given to Nick Chubb. Absence of Cam Heyward was glaring early.

-Feel horrible for Chubb. He’s a terrific player. Awful injury.

-T.J. Watt on back to back plays deflected a pass then sacked Deshaun Watson while he was totally gassed. That sack gave him the franchise record all to himself.

-Levi Wallace is a bigger liability than I thought he was. His tackling is too inconsistent as is his coverage. And how many times will he give up contain?

-Great hustle by Cole Holcomb to hustle in and knock the ball away from David Njoku. Made a huge difference in field position.

-Highsmith with a terrific speed rush, strip sack and T.J. Watt scores the TD!

-Mike Tomlin and Teryl Austin should be embarrassed by the tackling. It’s just awful how many missed tackles this defense has the first two weeks.

-Joey Porter, Jr had two big plays including incredibly tight defense on the Browns’ final offensive play. Many are suggesting the final play should have been called pass interference. I disagree. The ball would have never been caught in bounds and I think that’s why the flag never came.


Special Teams

-Pressley Harvin III had a terrific first punt. He needed it big time. He also did a great job on a poor snap on Boswell’s 50-yarder in the third.

-Harvin’s coffin corner kick late in the third couldn’t have been placed any better.

-Can’t ask for any more from Chris Boswell. Two 50+ yard field goals and perfect on his PATs.

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