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Johnson, Steelers Reach Very Beneficial Agreement on a New Deal

by Steeldad

The Pittsburgh Steelers and wide receiver Diontae Johnson have agreed to a two-year deal worth $36.71 million. At just over $18 million per season, the Steelers essentially get a bargain (first reported by Adam Schefter).

Johnson of the Steelers. steelcityblitz.comWith the wide receiver market out of control this off-season, Johnson would have easily been within his rights to ask for $20 million per season. Once Christian Kirk signed with Jacksonville back in the winter, the market started its move into rare orbit.

This move is beneficial for both parties. It keeps a young and talented receiver in Pittsburgh while at the same time gives Johnson an opportunity to earn another big deal on the market before reaching the age of thirty. This also keeps pressure off of George Pickens who may have felt the need to play well quickly had Johnson not gotten his deal done.

Another benefit for Johnson is that his deal will expire in 2024 while many others who signed massive deals this year don’t see their deals expire until 2025. That means Johnson can in a way, reset the market so to speak if he continues to put up numbers. All in all, this is a big development. The Steelers have now gotten everyone (Minkah Fitzpatrick, Chris Boswell and now DJ) taken care of before the season really gets going.

Terrific job by both parties to come to a very fair agreement. We don’t often see that these days.

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